Spanking Works

As a husband and father, I am learning that women and girls need to be spanked when they have done something wrong. It makes them feel better, and reminds them to behave.

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What about males?


Well I received my spanking long and yes it hurt a lot it was humiliating and embarrassing but all that said it woke me up I do not intend receiving another one anytime soon , it has the same effect it had on me as a child and it really did work! Every time that I even think of being rude or sassy I will remember the taste of soap and if I step out of line I will remember the red *** I had ! Did not like getting spanked but so glad my friend did do it he thought me a lesson that I won't soon forget and I am thankful to him for doing so . On my best behavior now I shall be as my backside reminds me of what I am not to do for the next few days

I am new to this and am somewhat terrified of meeting my friend next week he has been my best friend for years and has pulled me up many times when he think my behaviour is not right but two days ago he rang me and he was annoyed so much at me for amy behaviours over past while he has seen stuff on FB ect so he has told me that next week when we meet up he will be chatting with me about this I know he is only looking out for me and does not want me doing stupid things but he also said that he feels I need to be thought a lesson and that he will be teaching me that lesson by way of spanking me I laughed at him when he said it on the phone . But he is been serious he has since text me saying only three days to go I am petrified and I know if I so not go to meet up with him and others as arranged he will come to my house so I have to go but I am terrified of what he really is going to do and in some ways curious . If I was a child and was behaving in the way I have been I know for certain my father or mother would have spanked me . Just a bit worried and still don't know if he is being serious but he is adamant that I need to be taught a lesson and start behaving properly . Guess I will have to wait and see what happens

Yeah ... makes you feel like King Of The Castle right ?

spanking allways helps my wife behave an make her better person after her spanking

You are absolutely right. All my Husband has to do is remind me and I change my tune.

I can understand that!

Yes, boy or girl needs a sound bare bottom spanking. I did, growing up.

I am definitely in that kind of need, but I prefer more than an OTK spanking ~ my bottom must be caned hard.

I find that my husband needs an over the knee session now and then. Perhaps you too are in that kind of need.

Firmmommy, you might be right, b/c most of us men don't grow up, so boys must be spanked.

That's true!!!, King.

Men and woman both need discipline.

True indeed, but equally true of men and boys.

Question for you: I am in a budding D/s relationship. We have been together over three years now. She is completely submissive and I've pushed the envelope further on her duties and responsibility to me. I reward generously but need to introduce punishments. I have a few in mind but I need to know how I brooch the subject of spanking and either do it BEFORE punishment is warranted or AT THE TIME punishment is required. What is your suggestion on the strategy I need to take? Thanks!

I would bring it up before the need arises, but not as a matter for discussion. Just inform her that the next time she needs to be punished for anything serious you intend to spank her, and see how she reacts and go from there.

that is very true

that is very true one does neeed the spanking when ithappens an not later<br />
special for wife an daughers sons once they learn with sore bottom they will soon learn after to behave

Goodgirl,<br />
If you have someone you can trust there is no need to be afraid!

Delta,I agree!

My husband understand that it makes me hot but it's my fantasy not his so he get very confused about what works. I would love a real discipline spanking but I'm scared.

Sometimes, a good spanking is a reminder to behave, but only until you strongly desire the next one; and then it becomes a reason to be naughty. Sometimes, the marks that remain the next day, are enough of a thrill, to have me wishing for some more. It is a truly vicious circle, like a cat you know you want to stroke; though you know it will scratch you. I know that I would love, a strict lady, to order me across her knee right now...Or a naughty 'girl',( woman), to be ordered over mine. I canhear, and fel those stinging smacks on bare flesh right now!

I believe, every spanking is for a person to remember to behave.

I actually look at it from the opposite perspective. I believe men and boys need to be spanked when they have done something wrong to make sure they remember to behave and who is in charge.

Oupa<br />
<br />
Did you see my mail address<br />
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Lynsey198900@hushmail, we can talk about this. Please mail me<br />
Lynsey xxx

To Oupa<br />
<br /> I am ready for you and bending over LOL

Yes Lynsey, your profile on EP is blocked, so I cannot make you a fan / friend. It we can do this then we can contact each other directly.<br />
I went through all those rituals, yes. I did a lot of spankings also as a teacher. As you said, after a proper spanking one feels a bid dizzy!

Oh I guess it is normal. Lying there staring at the floor while Mum or Dad is trying with their hand to make my behind so sore I cannot sit down for a long time. So spanking is not abuse wel not in my case. Yes I am howling away and held tightly and just waiting for it all to end. When it does I am blubbering away and cannot walk that well.<br />
<br />
I cannot contact you direct the system does not allow me, but at least I can post my answer here.<br />
<br />
It is nice to talk to an older person who understands how it is done and all the rituals I seem to go throught. I am sure you have done those yourself when spanking a naughty child.<br />
<br />
The two things I remember most are get over and keep your bottom still<br />
<br />
Well that is my experience LOL<br />
<br />

Yes, that's true Lynsey! See how it works out for you, but you can believe me, if your parents are giving you a normal spanking (not abuse), it is done out of love and you will never regret it. I deserved all mine!

I get that from my Mum and my Dad at home. I guess I have to wait until I am much older to be able to want it for pleasure whereas now it is on demamd when I mess up.<br />
<br />
Yes lying there is fine with panties etc down and waiting until someone starts to use their hand to change the colour of my bottom.<br />
<br />
The stupid part is that I am always told to "Keep your bottom still" while lying in that prone postion, well that is fine in theory but in practice those smacks really make you want to move around the lap LOL<br />
<br />
A good 5 mins with a well aimed hand on my bare bottom does bring some results, in my case it is howling but I am sure when I am older I might see it in a different way and enjoy it........ you never know mmmmmmm<br />
<br />

About half the spankees I've dealt with ere not spanked as kids, but quite a few wanted to be, or felt they should have been. I think it's genetic, rather than social. You're crave it or you don't.

Ladies: Some of us men are in need of a spanking!

Absolutely true, Angel!!

I'm 31 years old and still love to get spanked. A few hard swats with a paddle that leave a good sting in my bottom and tears in my eyes is very stress relieving.

Nice, Spank to have those boundaries and a spanking if you cross the line!

I totally agree! I feel that I didn't get my share of spankings as a child. My mom never spanked me and I have gotten away with a lot. I think that is why I crave it now. I feel like I deserve it.

Thank-you Spank = absolutely true.<br />
I am grateful for the spanking because off what you said, and also because that person loves me so much that he/she was prepared to do it for me.

Toooo nice. Hear-hear, S1277!!

I always thought my spanking obsession came from being spanked as a kid, but perhaps not? Comfort, you've never been spanked, but you crave it anyway? Interesting!! I wish my husband would thoroughly discipline me!! He feels weird about it, but I would love to lie over his lap while he spanked my bare bottom until I cried and promised to be a good girl!

Absolutely! Spanking, not hitting or beating, that is abuse.<br />
Getting spanked by my wife makes me sooooo hot!

Comfort, i am sure you need a spanking; otherwise, why are you in this circle?LOL

Is there an Echo in this story......????? Hello...Heeellllloooo....<br />
<br />
Guess so

I've never been spanked by my parents.. I guess Im overdue >.

I've never been spanked by my parents.. I guess Im overdue >.

YES NaughtyGirl it might do you some good .

My wife may spank my butt as many times as she want to!

myt wife has spank me many times also what is god for one is good for another

well....Only when there is no one else around.....Kind of makes me hot....hehehehe<br />
<br />
Oh how I love to be spanked.......<br />
<br />
<br />
Not really....I hit back....I do not even allow my husband to pat my backside...Well just a little.....But not very hard