I Wasn't Too Old At 23

I totally agree because I know from my own experience that its true. My mother put me over her knee and spanked my bare bottom very soundly indeed on a number of occasions when I was 23 years old. My response to being spanked was no braver or stoical than when I was 2 years old.  I bucked and writhed and howled and screamed in pain across her lap, and I begged her to stop and I yelled out again and again how sorry I was.  There are clearly a lot of very immature young men and women who badly need their bottoms spanked.  I like the idea of a strict wife disciplining her husband in the very same way his mother used to do.

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My friend kunal got spanked recently.He is 26 and is indian.He was punished because he came home drunk.When he entered the house his dad told him to take a shower.Then he take him back to his room with a towel around his waist.We were all invited to the room to Watch the punishment.Then his father asked him "You know why im going to punish You kid?" Kunal answered :"Yes dad i Im drunk" His father said"bent over the dressing table kid" He obeyed and the father gave him 20 hard swats on each cheek.He was crying after ten swats only.His dad start to lecture him "Will You come home drunk again.The kid answered "No dad i wont b a bad boy again".Dad:"Really?You said That 3 years ago and see the results now i want to make sure its the last time".Dad continued the punishment.Kunal said between sobs and swats:Ow please stop dad i ll be a good boy i pr promise OWW ."Yes You Will" answered dad.He removed the towel around him and ordered him to see his face in the mirror and told him"You should be ashamed now now know That You are the only responsible of whats happening now its You.Kunals butt was covered with marks of fingers and was pink.Dad take his belt and gave him 20 swats.The kid was crying like a baby before the first ten swats.He squirmed a lot"Owww please stop dad i be good AHHHAAHA PLEASE STOP OOOOWW AAAHH"He said between swats.His butt was glowing red.At the end of his punishment he rubbed his butt in circles and was allowed to go to bed.

I BELIEVE that the little bad boy is always there. A reminder spanking is always a stress relief for them anyway. Just a good 20-25 hand spanking.

actually Not, I listen to all the bad boys AND GIRLS first. We eat together sometimes. I'm in Florida...I make it as homey as possible. There's no non-sense once OTK.. Once I had a wife contact me and asked to send her husband cause she couldn't spank to sting. LOL

2momma, I'm in Florida and need you to spank me. Please contact me.

If my parents even tried to touch me, it would have been the last thing they did.

I am 53 and my wife spanks me regularly. It has made for a happy home and 25 wonderful years married. I still get mad and argue with her but I just end up bare bottomed over her knee, argument over and we are happy. Can't remember the last argument I won unless you call a red and sore bottom winning

My future wife put me over her knee and gave me my very first spanking. We were at my mothers and I cursed and sassed them in front of her. Without any warning she took me by the ear drug over to a chair forced me over her lap. Pulling down my pants and briefs she administered the first spanking I had ever received in my life. As Janet started to hand spank me my sister handed her a large wooden spatula and Jan blistered me till I was bawling like a child. Mom and my sister thourghly enjoyed the spectacle of me receiving my just dues. <br />
<br />
Since then I have learned to respect mom and sis and Janet has put over both there laps for some very sound spankings. I am sure they won't be my last if I don't behave.

My wife took me over her knee for the first time on our wedding night.

wish I could find a companion/lover like you. He would be spanked with my hand OTK> Know anyone over 65 that live in Florida?

My husband needs a session of over the knee discipline more than a few times in a year. I feel most men do if I am honest.

thank you for your thoughtful reply.

Neither was I at 25 and even now I get embarassed talking about it.

I am still taken over my wife's knee at the age of 55.

Behind A Good Man is always a better woman . keeping him in Line .

i Agree .A firm hand on a firm bottom .

If spankings were applied more often to young men and women, we'd have less of a population problem in prison. A great number of juvenile problems could be taken care of with some bare bottom, heavy handed, humiliation spankings. Gang bangers and other disrespectful teenagers would soon learn their place and straighten up if they found out that they were going to be ******** in public and spanked like a child for their childish behavior.

i Agree . Stricter Parenting would stop the Chaos . and their would be Less Crime on the streets . Bringing up youngsters without Discipline is a Big Mistake . A Sore Bottom did me no Lasting harm when it was Deserved

I was spanked by my parents into my 20's, as was my brother, several of our cousins, and several of my friends at the time. It was nothing but beneficial, and would be for far more college age kids than not, regardless of gender.

Hi Robinsred just read y post spanked at 29 years old? what had y done to derserve a spanking at your age? what did she spank u with? did u cry? sorry to ask so many ?s just interested that u are obvisily disiplined at y age?

What did your mum spank u with and what had u done to get a spanking?

happy spanking. Do I hate myself that much? are you nuts?lol

My experiance was slighly different in that as a young child up to 10 or so I had the regular disciplines be it smaking cornertime being kept in or the odd occasional spanking usually for the worst offfences.<br />
Howeve in my mid teens I started cross dressing in as much as I'd wear my mothers underwear.<br />
As someone who had plenty of freedom in that my parents were away alot by the time I was 17 it was part of my life to be wandering around in suspender belt and stockings panties and a white slp.I was caught by my Aunt [who was staying for a while] much to her amusement and my embarasment. She was all set to let my mother know but I pleeded with her and the outcome was she but me over knee and spanked me. <br />
When she was finished she stood me in front of her and really lectured me I just stood and toke it as I loved every minute of it.<br />
For 20 years until she went to Austrailia this sceene was repeated about once a year even though I got married and had moved out .<br />
Well I'm 58 now had my last spanking when I was 36 though tights have now overtaken the stockings the feeling was still as exciting, I excplained to my wife who was so horrafied that I never pushed it. My Aunt died only last year and it is something I miss even though I'm nearing 60

MyNMh spankings stopped when I was ten years old. However I have found them most effective in my marriage. I don't think my mother or I could handle the embarrassment we both would go thru at my age of her spanking me. However, I would like rolll play a father daughter scenario. It seems like it would be fun and very emotionally rewarding. My real father was abusive so knowing that I could recieve the right kind of spanking from a father figure could probably help heal old wounds.

Dear robinred just seen y comment re being spanked at 29 years old<br />
Y Seem too old! for that u must have done something really bad? what did y mum use and was it on the bare? and did u cry? sorry to ask so many questions! interested

Akornz, I am so, so sorry about your situation. I thought I was going through hell at times when I was younger, but as I have said, I wasn't entirely non-complicit in what went on in my family, but your situation is very, very different, you are obviously being abused very badly and my heart goes out to you. Please, please don't let those bastards send you over the edge, you are better than them, please hang on and try to keep sane in all that madness. I have been meditating about your situation, although I don't know who you are or where you live but you have posted as a comment on one of my stories so I do feel just a little bit involved. During my meditation I got a definite feeling that there is someone you know who you can talk to and who could help you. I don't think you should talk to any teachers or any kind of social worker or health worker (you would not believe the number of psychopathic sadists who are slithering around in those professions) but I get the feeling there is a female, maybe two or three years older than you, who is someone you can trust and who would really do anything to help you if she knew what was going on. She might already have her suspicions about what is happening to you.

I hate it. Your saying i could deal with this my hole life? ..........Whhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I don't even do much I hate when people take off my clothing and even touch me. I have been hit so much i think it is abuse.I get screamed at and i don't like just his words get me crying. i get beat for things like my dad had a bad day with a belt rarely his hand it goes on for like 30 minutes. i was forced to drop my clothes for my cousin all of them shirt pants socks every thing. then they would like hit me with anything near if i did not behave when they touched me in spots they should not. they said were going to tell your dad you have been bad and i would hate to be hit by him i get hit to much for reasons i don't even need to get hit. Then when i still say no to take off my clothes she takes them off for me i scream she slaps me. I tried running away from her but she caught me. So when i was at school and the teachers and principle and counselor ask me if i am being abused i say no. But every 12 year old girl goes through that. I was at school on my birthday and the teacher try to give me a birthday spanking and i ran down the hall to the girls bathroom my teacher found me and said she was sorry. I don't have a mom so it is hard for me she went to jail and ever since than he has been mean to me. I would hate to make my family worse. i can't tell a doctor or nurse they scare me and i can't tell any one any way because i get really scared to tell them what is going on. . . i want to but cant. What would happen if i told. i wait for every one to leave the locker room before i change for gym. i have it bad at school to on wednesday i got punched in my face. i was going to math. i ran to the nearest bathroom i was bleeding. i had a bloody nose. i looked down and blood dripped from my face i ran, i had blood on my face i did not care. when i got to the bathroom i waited for the bleeding to stop i washed the blood out of my hair i grabbed my sweater and put it in my backpack it is still bloody i did not wash it yet. even if i did tell no won would believe me.

Wow this is a lot to have to go through and I am sorry you had to go through this
I feel very bad that this happened and it really suprises me what you have had to
put up with it was unacceptable and it should not have happened

I am 29 years old and still find myself over my mothers knee on occasions. I was soundly spanked just 2 weeks ago. R

your Mother has my Respect .

She has my repect also, Many Mothers need to spank the naughty brats after 18 ,if they need it

When speaking of adult age, (although often not of adult behavior) I do believe -at least as a rule- that it's most important but only for young women.<br />
Imho not for overindulgence to any wrong behavior but because such soft 'answer' to misdeeds is more effective and by large deserved by females, eg. daughters in their first or late 20s. How many have I found quietly accepting such ashaming bare bottom punishments even in their first 30s on mom's or dad's lap!<br />
Any such Real Life daughter here?<br />
Giorgio (Italy)

I agree. Daughters should be spanked at any age.

Hi lafrance, I accept what you say, but shame and degradation have always played their parts in any use of punishment, whether physical, verbal or whatever. Its easier for the punisher to deny it when using non-physical punishments, but its always there. All states have methods of punishment for those who commit crimes, but the vast majority of people who are punished judicially have no victims, they have merely broken rules introduced by corrupt politicians, usually for the purpose of raising funds through penalties or fines. Millions have died (and died violently and sickeningly) in the last few years alone through the actions of my country's government along with others. Very few people want the perpetrators to be punished, and those who do are branded as traitors (shame and degradation). The "silent majority" don't seem to mind, but they do become very upset and very self-righteous and angry when addicts are caught stealing to feed their habits, or when a group of teenagers "hangs around" on street corners. They would happily watch those youngsters being birched in public for their dastardly "hanging around". There is no logic, in fact it is a form of collective lunacy. In their own way, they are just like my parents were. They may not punish their own kids the way I was punished, but they are always very interested in punishment of some kind or other for this type of person or that. It makes them feel superior and yes, I believe that the roots of sado-masochistic arousal are in everyone, its just that most people don't want to recognise it. What happened in my family developed into a habitual and consensual series of erotic family dramas, and I knowingly played my part on many occasions in "earning" those spankings, as I knew what had to be done to make them unavoidable, and then it was too late for anyone to stop and so it just continued on, seemingly endlessly. I did not enjoy the pain. The idea that most masochists "enjoy" the actual pain is a common misunderstanding. I believe what turned me on was the same kind of adrenalin rush that people feel on scary rides at fairgrounds, when rock-climbing, or when risking their lives driving recklessly on motorcycles or in cars. I'm not a sadist, so I've no first-hand knowledge of what drove my parents (my mother in particular) to spank me like that. They "rationalised" as earlier discussed, and by claiming "tradition" (my mother's older brother was tawsed bare-bottomed by his father when he was 21, or so my mother often recounted). I think it was just as erotic for them as it was for me, but I can't really understand what the underlying motivation was, apart from the fact that it kept them "superior" to me and I think they liked having a boy they could hit and make cry when they needed to let off steam, and my own submission must have made it seem OK to ignore the passing of time, they didn't want to "let me go" (this manifests often in parent-child relationships, but usually in less dramatic ways, nevertheless the logic behind such behaviour is still as twisted and often just as cruel.) Yes, to the outsider such things are irrelevant, but it wasn't so for my parents or for me. I do not want sympathy, I contributed to this group because I know there are others like me, or who have felt some arousal at the prospect of adult children being spanked by their parents. I doubt if I will ever fully understand what drives "ordinary" people insane, either individually or collectively, but I think I should be able to understand better than I do, and as I've said, those memories are not the kind that can be forgotten.

Hi lafrance, I can fully understand what you are saying. I am sure that 99.99 percent of all guys would respond as you suggest if placed in that position. I wanted to do so myself on many occasions, but having been punished in the very same way on a regular basis since I was just a kiddie, you have no idea how ingrained the sense of submission becomes in those situations. You are also correct about the sexual overtones, as I have tried to describe as best I could in my contribution in the "I Am Still Spanked" experience titled "Spanked in my teens and early 20s" (particularly in the comments section). There really was quite a lot of confused and complicated stuff going on in my head and my infantile emotional reactions shocked me to the core, leaving me ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated and totally crushed in the aftermath. It also left me very aroused, and my parents could not have failed to notice that. I am sure, to a certain extent at least, that it was also quite sexual for them. <br />
I can also understand what you are saying about "false sophisms", but that logic of "act like a child and be punished like a child" was exactly the same reasoning used by my parents. It was not meant to be a "sophist" philosophical statement, I was merely trying to put across my own acceptance of what actually happened. Call it "rationalisation" if you like, and maybe my sexual arousal was only my own way of coping, but my behaviour at times was very, very childish and there was (for me) something about those punishments which felt quite natural, even "right". I don't think for a moment that I was the only young man who was ever spanked bare-bottomed by his parents, and as you can see from other comments, I believe there are (or have been) others who might well have submitted to the same kind of punishment if put in that position. <br />
To andymr13, thanks for your comments. And no offence taken, in fact I hadn't even noticed until you pointed out your typo!

Apologies for typing the name wrong in my previous post - I should have commented on Horu's post and not Hiro. no offence intended

I am also a male in my 50's but can appreciate Hiro's sentiments. I was never really spanked as a child and grew up to be a fairly stable and mature young man. However, towards my late teen years and early 20's I did start to drink more heavily than was good for me. It was still a bit of a novelty for me at that age (drinking age was 18 in the UK) and I occasionally over indulged. <br />
<br />
I also began to feel that as I was in my 20's and a "man" that I could do as I pleased but I did feel guilty about losing odd days from work etc. I was not going off the rails as such but I was becoming a bit of an idiot at times.<br />
<br />
My dad died whn I was in my late teens and my mother remarried an old family friend a couple of years later. Whereas my dad was much smaller than me my step dad was a huge man. I topped 6 fet tall but he was 5 inches taller than me, huge stature and well built, very strong and muscular.<br />
<br />
One night when I was going out my mother mentioned that I had been out late the night before and said that I should get home early that night. I fobbed off her advice (not in a nasty way) but my mother joked that I was not too old to get my "bum smacked" and that maybe it would do me some good. I was a bit embarrassed at the mention of this and my mum thinking that I was still a silly boy and managed to laugh it off. However, she continued by asking my step dad what he thought. Going along with the joke, he looked up from his paper and said that my mum was quite right and he looked over to my mum and said "I can put Andy over my knee anytime you like, just say the word and he'll get a really sore backside that he won't forget. It won't be a problem for me to smack his backside good and hard"<br />
<br />
We all laughed at the suggestion but I knew deep down that he could do so without any problem - I also knew that he would never attempt this but if he wanted to try that I would be no match for him.<br />
<br />
I also knew that if my mum ever did change her mind and ask my step dad to punish me that I would never refuse to co-operate. I had too much respect for my mum and step dad (I had known him all my life) that if he did confront me about my behaviour and inform me that my mum wanted me to get a spanking that I would accept their decision and allow my step dad to put me over his knee. I also knew that any spanking he gave out would be extremely painful (and embarrassing) but I would accept their decision.<br />
<br />
In many ways, I think it would have been beneficial if I did experience some more discipline into my 20's as I feel that I did let myself down on too many more occasions over the next few years as I was lacking the self discipline I should have gained by that age.

I like the way you've worded that last sentence, bjotk. That very same logic, put in a very similar fashion, used to start my stomach knotting with an infantile fear of being punished by my parents when I was to all intents and purposes a fully grown adult. By lowering my trousers and underpants prior to hauling me over their knees, my parents were showing me in no uncertain terms exactly what my current status was in the family heirarchy. I was now considered nothing more than a naughty little boy, with no right to any kind of modesty or basic human decency. I was also a very clear sign that mercy was certainly not on the agenda, and I can vividly remember those panic-stricken moments of blubbering and pleading, at the same time feeling the<br />
cool air suddenly all over my newly-******** genitals and poor helpless bottom. You're right, bjotk, I was very, very guilty of acting like a child and I really can't complain that I was punished like one. If I may ask a question, did your mother ever spank you at all when you were younger? Regards, Horu

I wish my mother had spanked me like yours did when I was 23 or even older because it would have done me a world of good. I think there are a lot of immature men and women of all ages who badly need their bare bottoms spanked.<br />
<br />
As has been said, as long as you act like a child you should be treated and punished like a child no matter how old you are

i Agree