You Are Me!,am I Right?

Please recive my biggest sincerily gratitud for reading this,

Is it wrong?to being told something,as a condition,as a way to see,to listen,to talk,your own personality... and then times pass by,things go by,the way you have been educated becomes  a mind and your own,(what  you think is right),belive.

Thinking makes you wonder why,sometimes,all the time,your own integrity is in war against the idea of looking for an explanation of why there are thing happening in yor life that crash violently with "you",why you do not act rigth away and resolve things before forgiven becomes you own sorrow.

I do not understand why myself is keeping me to acknowlege "what it means to be mature".

Your coment will help me to thru, Thanks again.

capulino capulino
36-40, M
1 Response May 6, 2007

So right!!!! We all are wrapping with our own mistakes. Time would speak for what we were.