Embarrassing But True.

Not sure why but I often fall asleep during a movie or a show. 
An old boyfriend used to take me to many shows,
took me to see a play,
a comedien and even a magic show. 
Embarrassingly I fell asleep. 
I felt very bad and tried very hard to stay awake.
Afterall the poor guy paid good money for those tickets,
and had every right to get upset with me about it. 
But for some reason when the room gets dark,
and I have to sit still for a long period of time.
My body relaxes a little to much. 
I will fidget and switch positions and try to stay awake the best I can. 
But I often fall asleep, very embarrassing but true. 
snowberry75 snowberry75
36-40, F
5 Responses Aug 5, 2011

Ha ha ha as long as he gives you a cuddle when your asleep no problem...

Now that would be very nice indeed. :-)

Been there done that - a hot theatre after a long early shift is a killer for me.

agreed, usually to warm or to cold.

A few months ago I was on a date and fell asleep! The only problem is it was in the middle of the afternoon! My granddaughter was home that day and told me today that he fell asleep too! Needless to say .... it was our first, and last date! <br />
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Don't sweat falling asleep in the conditions you describe. If the company isn't right it easily happens! At least you felt rested after your date and isn't relaxation one of the reasons for dating?!

LOL too funny, yea that would be a reallly good indication. But no I didn't feel any more rested. He made sure I didn't stay asleep. He would keep waking me up to make sure I didn't miss anything. LOL

LOL my wife bought us tickets to the Theatre company in SD. well over $100 per ticket.<br />
<br />
As soon as the lights go down, I am out cold! I just can't help it! She gets so mad!

LMAO now you know that you're not the only one. LMAO

That part is good, she acts like I am the only one to ever do it! lmao!

You are so cute. It's alright to fall asleep. If thre were anything interesting to keep you awake then you would be awake. I would just say that if BF did not undertand then you don't need him or the play or movie. Regards from your friend.

LOL I don't think he thought it was cute at all. But he had a bad habit of thinking that when I was stressed or tired out that going out was what I needed and I did appreciate it.