During Class

It reminds me of one of my science class... the teacher was sooo boring, i couldn't follow anything anymore and felt like falling... falling to sleep, my eyelashes were too heavy, so i thought ill close my eyes for a minute, between classes.

And i was suddenly waken by the sound of closing door... i asked my brother, who sat besides me, "Oh, did it start allready? Felt like i only closed my eyes for a minute and time between classes was like 10 minutes.

He said "No, it just ended :D", I said: "Why the hell you didnt wake me???" ...cant believe i slept through all of it :P Felt kind of embarrassed ...i can picture it: Teacher trying to explain some vital science stuff and one schmuck sleeps at the last bench!

At least, i was totally rested for the rest of the school day!!! :D

That was the first and last time!!

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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I had boring teachers too. It's hard not to fall asleep in class when you're seated in the front row.

hehe you can say i sleep with eyes open in my ticketing class :p<br />
<br />
wake up hehe


Glad to hear it. I don't allow people to sleep in my class room.