Cold Morning Slide Downstairs

Early morning, barefoot walking down stairs to turn the heater on, when the left foot slid on the carpet at the top of the stairs, landing on the left lower back, one step hitting the back of the left knee, another step hitting the back of the left ankle, until the left foot hit the wall and twisted, while the big toe was folded down on the bottom of the foot. In the quiet, I slowly evaluated things from left toe to lower back. All the joints moved OK, with some pain, but no broken bones. Took a 10-minute walk after breakfast, thinking it would help to work out the pain and stiffness, which was like an attack of sciatica. After a few minutes of walking very slowly, limping, it was necessary to stop until the cramp in the left calf and lower back stopped, and the short walk continued. The day was spent on the sofa relaxing. That night, both sides of the left ankle hurt and made deep sleep impossible. Go slow. Go safe. The results of falling down the stairs can be painful on the elbows, the back, the knees and the ankles, even when no bones are broken. Bruised bones, nerves and tendons make it more difficult to move around. Keep it safe.
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Jan 21, 2013