"Of All Sad Words of Tongue and Pen...."

In JUNE of 2006 I experienced "Love at first sight" I was working at a warehouse when I first saw her,she was a new employee and I felt a love so deep I felt like my heart would burst I tried to fight it by telling myself things like "she is too young" and at 19 she was I was 33 at the time. There were so many other reasons like I had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend but none of those factors could stop me from loving her more than I ever dreamed was possible. I was amazed at the fact that whenever I was having a bad day or when I just didn't want to be at work just looking at her would make everything better. l asked myself how it was possible that the 6 to 8 hrs. a day I could see her were the longest and shortest of my life, how was it possible that the day she quit I was so sad. But mostly I ask God out of the 8 billion people on the planet why did I have to fall in love with someone that I can't have. I have to wonder why.....?
36-40, M
Feb 23, 2009