i went skydiving yesterday. i don't know how to explain what it was like. everytime i think about it i get this big kool-aid smile on my face. the thing is when we got there we were the only ones there, so we had to wait for some other people to show up and during that time me and my friend where sitting there talking about this and that. sitting there talking i sort of forgot why i was there so when it was time to get on the plane i had used up all my nervous energy.  the rid up was pretty quick about 5-7 minutes up to 1350ft. there were five other people jumping a head of me, it was sort of funny i look up they're five people then i start to scoot to the door look again now they're only three people. the three people all jumped together, it was wierd i see them at the door them all i see are feet  then just an empty doorway.at this point my brain tries to clue me in on exactly what's going on but the instructed tells me (it was a tandom jump) to hang my feet out the door. as i'm looking out and my brain tries to tell me again what's going on  just as the instructer says in my ear "you ready" the next thing i know the ground is rushing up at me and i felt alittle like i was underwater (sort of but not quit). the rest is hard to explain. it was a rush is best i can come up with you only feel like your falling for the first second or two the you fell like .... your floating?  i don't know. but hte one thing i do know is that everyone should try it a least once. hell i'm trying to talk some of my other friends to go with me the next time.

sted sted
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1 Response May 31, 2007

thank you for sharing your story. I don't think my mind would let me jump. lol