My Married Man

i fell in love with someone, a man, who is married. when our "relationship" started i didn't know about her but i could stop my feelings even after i found out. we had a relationship for about 6 months and we spent every single day together doing different things. i realize i should have known about his wife since our relationship seemed so hidden from people we knew..people did know about us they just didn't mention it much. i forgot to mention that we were out of the cuntry when this happened so naturally when we got back to the US we stopped seeing eachother...i still talked to him for a while but i knew that i had to quit him cold was hard and i still see him at work almost everyday and it kills me. i look back at our relationship and i know that what we had was real...nothing special or better than what he has with his wife but it was real the feelings were real you couldn't deny that...and when ever we are in close proximity to eachother you can cut the tension with i knife...he had my heart completely and he still has his hands on it...everytime i see him smile or hear him talk i just want to be around him all the time.
omarie omarie
22-25, F
Jun 29, 2011