I like a girl I have absolutely no chance with. Sometimes I feel like she might have feelings towards me but as soon as they are there the are gone too. I just graduated high school and she is on her last year of college so yeah I'm a bit intimidated. Anyways she keeps sending me mix signals Wednesday was the second day she stayed over after a few hours of hanging out we watched movies talked cuddled a bit then later on she is sleepy and I tell her she can spend the night and I tell her she can have my bed like last time. Do note last time she slept over I gave her my bed and I was gonna sleep on the floor but halfway the ought the night we were talking and she asked me if I was cold which I was because I'm a wuss that way and she told me "maybe you be warmer up here with me" so I get in bed with her I have my arms around her and we sleep like this through the night her in my arms. This time was no exception except from the start I decide to crawl in bed with her so we go through what we went through last time I start going through her hair while she is facing away from me then when I think she wants me to stop I decide to face away from her and just go to sleep bit then she turns around and starts going through my hair so after a while I turn back around and we are face to face me on my back looking over to my left the abruptly she turns around and faces away so I start going through her hair again brushing it with my fingers then when I get tired I put my hand on her shoulder then when I start reaching back to go to sleep she grabs my hand and pulls it closer to her then with her other hand she starts caressing it sorta. Anyways she falls asleep in my arms and it was one of the happiest times for me I just really felt close to her in the morning though she tells me you don't talk to blah blah about us hanging out do you?, blah blah is a mutual friend we met through apparently she didn't want people knowing about how we hung out so close but me being the person I am told her no I don't I'm not the kind a person to go talking about my personal life later on she also tells me about how she sorta has a boyfriend "I mean we text a lot and we like each other and have gone out" so naturally all these factors bummed, yesterday I decided to finally tell her how I felt I told her how much I liked her and how she intimidated me because she is used to dating older men who have finished college and are like no homo handsome and unrealistic compared to that I'm insignificant but how I think she is such a wonderful person and that I know to her I'm an idiot with a crush all that sappy stuff and she texted me saying "I don't think you're an idiot. And I'm not sure how I feel about this guy I mean I think I don't like him anymore, thinking if breaking up with him" then today she tells me how she think she kinda misses him and still might like him I'm so confused never have I met such an amazing girls with so many mixed signals I don't know If to her I'm like a crush, like a little brother, or just a friend it hurts me to know that she might really like someone else a lot more than me...
Axel4045 Axel4045
22-25, M
Aug 23, 2014