It's A Love Thing

So, yes, I fell in love. 

I met someone two years ago. They have entirely altered my life and everything in it. I would do anything for them.

The thing is, my someone is going off to college and I still have another year of high school. We've already done a long distance relationship for nine months until I could be with him at the private school we currently go to, but now he is going five states away and I honestly don't know how we are going to do it. How do you only see the one person you've dedicated your entire life to on Christmas and Thanksgiving? Our earlier long distance arrangement allowed us to see each other every weekend. Now, we'll be lucky if we get to talk for twenty minutes a day. I a

I am just very scared. What started out as a relationship made in Heaven is now a complicated tale of two people who met at the wrong time.

I am in love and they're going away.

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18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

While I am not trying to make excuses, i will point out that I am completely and totally for trying to stay together. It's my significant other that doesn't believe we can make it happen. And that is why it's so frustrating him. And I will go to the college he is going to. But I can't this year, because I am a year behind him in schooling. I know that we could make it happen. But he doubts us. Part of me really thinks that he needs his freshman year of college to explore other relationships. He's been with me since he was 15. Now he's 18 and I really feel like I have robbed him of the chance to explore teenage relationships by keeping him to myself. I love him and try more and more to convince him every day that we can handle nine months apart, but he is hesitant. And, honestly, that really hurts.

**** it. What short term thinking do you have? If you know in your heart he is the right person, then stick to him. Why create excuses? Now you have wonderful things like email, chat, phones. It is so frustrating for me to have to explain again and again. If you love him, you can go to his college or one near him. Just being away physically does not mean you are not together spiritually. Keep patience and faith. Distance problems are small unless you make them overwhelming in your mind.