I Love U ,,,,,,baby

This story takes place when I attended college. I was 23 then and attending college full-time. I didn't date that much. My schoolwork had kept me busy.

Then one day at the annual Thanksgiving party, my Co-op advisor introduced me to a young Puerto Rican girl named Millie. She was 19, brunette, and in a wheelchair. We immediately hit it off. Whenever I was in between or had no classes, I saw her. We even had lunch together and even agreed to pay off lunch we had.

One day, she was tense and I offered to give her a good neck massage. Millie enjoyed it and I did too. She whispered to me to not stop. The truth was that I didn't want to and I felt like kissing her, but wanted to do it in private.

One day, she invited me to her dorm room and we talked a little. I lifted her up from her wheelchair and Millie acknowledged her feelings for me. I admitted them as well and we kissed. We spent over 2 or 3 hours together.

When I kissed Millie, I felt so secure with myself and it made me realize that I could love any woman. Unfortunately, the relationship fell apart and we broke up.

Although we don't speak much these days, Millie made me realize that you must open yourself up and communicate with your partner. The past 6 years was hard for me to get over her, but I eventually did.

Currently, I am not in a relationship and open to one. I will not forget Millie and what she has taught me.
chinna4u chinna4u
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012