Till My Dear I Rember U R Memoris ,,,,,,,

January 6,2004 Thats The day i fell in love with my bestfriend,i knew everything about him which made it much more easier for us to start off the day he asked me out was so wonderful so amazing that i had to ask twice are you sure ME?? and him telling me yes was so great all the wonderful moments i shared with him all came to in end March 18,2007 after 3 years and 2 months everything ended all for a big misundrstanding I loved him dearily the most hurtful thing was letting go of something so good that had happen to me someone who made me feel so safe and just knowing i had some one was just great when he broke up with me i was lonely and sad i felt so betrade the fact that he just gave up on us like that i cryed for so many nights thinking and wondering if he'll ever come back looking at my phone and waiting eachday for him to come back although we werent togther i was always there for him and always showed him i will always love him no matter what and that i would always be there later on when me and him had 10 months of being apart we were still talking and i thought we could possible work it out but i saw him in a restrant with he new girlfriend and that just hurt me and destroyed my heart i thought i would never get over it but i did i had to see him with her in my sr.prom and he shared the last dance with her the song he had chosen to dedacate to me when we were togther i looked at him and close my eyes and remebered everything it hurt to see that i wasnt sharing the last dance withh him..
chinna4u chinna4u
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012