What Would You Do?

I went on a holiday for a week and there was a carnival i went to it on the third night and i was with my parents and my cousins and their parents they went off because we are old enough anyway we went on a few rides then we went on the dodgem cars a second time i was with my one cousin. We waited a while and i didn't notice her only her dad or grandfather. My other cousin came and was behind them and he asked to cut in front then i turned and said no but i was being funny about it she smiled and me and i couldn't help but smile back thats when i noticed her. We went on and their was a brief few seconds that i got to look her in the eye she was smiling at me. For the rest of that week not knowing anything about her i was feeling down(I never feel depressed over this stuff) i went out as much as i could just to see her and talk to her talked to my cousins about it. We never saw her again i dont know if she lived there or was on holiday and left or maybe i just never saw her after that. But the thing is she is on my mind 24-7 and even if i think about the girl i used to like at my school i feel nothing for her. I feel like a new mature version of myself what would you do and how would find her or do something about something like this please help. It's not that i believe in fate but it felt like it the one chance and of all the times it was right when i was there. She was literally close enough to prove it i dont even enjoy gaming or anything i did like soccer anymore i really know it was her she was the one its like she drugged me even while i type this i am thinking about her so please if you can what would you do? I really could use the help.
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I wish I could help. I had a similar experience. It's just one of those things that you just gotta pray and hope God chooses to give you another chance to see her again. Best wishes to ya.