I locked eyes with a stranger in school I never once noticed and it made me feel everything, something and nothing all at once.

One morning I knew things were gonna get pretty much interesting. I only noticed him from the back, his body turned away from me. Yet, I could almost instantly feel the spark between us. I gave it a benefit of doubt and a few days later I kept bumping into him everywhere I went in school it almost seems deliberate on both our parts. One time I skipped a class and went to sit somewhere alone to clear my head and I bumped into him as he walked by. I looked up to only see him turn his gaze away. The following week on the same day, I was at the same place but I had sports training on the opposite end and I noticed him walking around from where I was. I don't think he saw me though since I had my sports drills with my team.

It seems almost likely that I would see him around in school now. He's such a shy soul yet he seems like the crack of light in between my curtains in the morning. How is it possible that I feel such a strong inclination towards a mere stranger? My gut feelings tells me he fancies me too, but would never admit to it since he's really shy in nature. I caught him once smiling and giggling to his friend as I walked pass. And my friends noticed his friend pointing towards me one time. Of course we acted like we didn't notice it.

Its been almost a month now. Neither of us are making a move. I'm as shy as he is. I really like him. I think about him everyday and of all the things I would have done when I see him. The thing is - both of us are sitting for national exams and I am certain this is hindering us from anything else other than our academics.

I'd like to think that if it's meant to be it will be. I still see him everyday in school. We give each other the awkward eye contact, and one of us would shift our gazes first and pretend we didn't see each other. This is killing me. I don't know but he feels like home to me. I am in love - truly, madly, deeply with this boy.
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You go girl I Believe in fate too ! Just take it smooth ;)

That is such a good story it almost made me cry