Three Times In A Row

The only love I've found that I consider forever is the love I've found three times with the birth of each of my children. I wish I could explain, to those who have never felt it, the warmth and joy and happiness that comes even before the baby arrives. Knowing that a little life has started inside of you. That you are responsible for helping this little one thrive for all those months. Hearing the first heart beat, feeling the first kick, the endless tests you allow them to put you through all because you want to do the most you can to ensure this child has a chance. Then comes that first contraction and as scared as you are it doesn't matter because you now have a job to do. You have fallen in love with this baby that you've yet to even touch and now, so close, so right there in your reach, is their first breath, first cry, first giggle, first step, first tooth, first of everything that this great world has to offer and all because of you... I fell in love forever only for me it was times three.
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very tender,, and loving,, wish everyone was like this(you),, the world would be much better,,

Thanks to Wonderful people like you this world is overpopulated - now how do you intend to stop it?

pay is in hugs and kisses :) (and I'm richer than Trump<br />
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That is a wonderful quote!!

LaLuna you are most certainly their mommy and they know.<br />
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Rchrd... only pay is in hugs and kisses :) (and I'm richer than Trump)

You make it sound like you have the best paying job in the world - imagine how the child must feel.

wow, you know that is a blessed thing i can imagine how that would feel, I have 5 children 2 are out of the house 2 are still home and my baby she's 7, but even though i have 5 i didn't give birth to either one they are all adopted, my baby they brought her to me with her ambilical cord still attached she was 8 days old and i love her endlessly, but i didn't give birth to her i never felt that first kick, those first pictures, i never had that private personal moment when giving her life, i try to be do so much for her i don't want to have that feeling that she's missing something cause i'm not her real mother, like when i hold her is it enough? does she feel empty? i pray i can be enough for her, don't get me wrong i love the others too, but when they came to me they already knew about their real mother..i hope she understands when she grows up about being adopted, i don't even know when to tell her if it was up to me never, but i know that eventually one of her sibilings will tell her i just want to be able to tell her myself...