There Is No True Love Out There!

I don't know but at age sweet 16 I fell madly inlove with my first love that lasted 3 years. At that time no matter how far apart we were when we always reunited it seemed like new love all over again. Love to me then was.. I loved Don so bad that i cried .He was my best friend and a taurus like myself. To me he still remains in my heart although now i wonder what would have become of us if we stayed together. But like some people we both came from strick families that wanted us to explore the world before we settled down with our first loves.....what would have been.

During my separation from Don that lived miles and miles away. I tried to move on without him knowing that he was seeing other girls. I met Kelvin. Kelvin was fun to hang out with. He was kool hot and smart. Any girls dream. I missed Kelvin when he wasn't around and yes Kelvin knew that nobody would replace Don when he came back to town to visit me. I loved Don and Kelvin. but not the same i guess.... or i was just lonely.Time passed I had to move on with my own life with a son i had with Don.. and Kelvin to be the godfather of my son I concieved with Don. Yes during those years Don found another girl in his area and he had a child with her that he later told me about when our son was born.So 2 years I remained single raising my son alone often thinking of my first love and hoping he would come around and be with our family.. but that was hopful thinking cause i knew it wouldn't be the same like it use to be.

At age 20. 2 Years passed that it took me to finally say okay i have to move on now. I met Cliff that loved my son like his own.. we had our ups and downs in 15 years that i was with him. Cliff was mature manly handsome i felt safe with him. He was a virgo and also 5 years older then i was. He was my hero in many ways and my love of my life that was there when i needed him. Cliff and I had a serious relationship. Not often joking with each other but respected each other as a husband and wife. Sadly to say we divorced because things didn't work that great ... no fun I was to imature he said.  I forgave him for his remarks cause i am only human.

At age 35 i met my match ......a cancer dude.  Finally all these years i can act like me and be understood. I met Dave and i dont know how to describe it because I never thought that i would meet a man in my life that i loved so bad like the way i love Dave. When im with him its like being with my twin, we connect in all ways.... It has been 4 years now that I was with Dave and yes we still have our up and downs. Yes he has seen other women when i left him. So i wonder............. if it will last. or will i find another love someday .....

JayzAngel JayzAngel
36-40, T
Nov 2, 2006