Summer Love

So I was working at a camp for the last 3 weeks and I met this girl. At first we were both really shy and sorta just said Hello and kept the talk minimal.  By the end of week 1 we were going on 'dates' to the point at camp where it couldn't be more gorgeous. The 'dates' were all just a cute joke. At the time I didn't even know she was bi or a lesbian.    

As the week came to an end and we wen't our own ways for the weekend, I found myself constantly talking about her and thinkin bout her.  

On sunday night when we arrived back to camp, she grabbed me and gave me the biggest ****** hug and we went for a walk to the docks.    It was really cute and a lot of fun we watched the sun go down and talked about a million and a half things. 

Week 3 came around and by this point although we were not really open with each other and still sorta questioning each other silently, we were gettin to be pretty close.   I found myself to be completly infatuated with this girl, and I think it was a mutal feeling.   She gave me a kiss every night and a warm morning hug every day.

The day camp ended we jumped in the lake together and just cherished the last few minutes.   As we were gettin dry clothes on she just held onto me and said she'd never let go cause she would miss me too much. The good bye was really tough, I didn't wanna leave her.

It's beeen over a week now we have not seen each other, and I cannot stop thinkin bout her. I'm takin the train to see her tomorrow.

I've never had a 'girl friend' before  but i've been with girls.  I'm nervous that I won't know what to do or say. And i'm even more nervous that my parents may find out. At camp I felt so comfortable holding her hand and sitting with her cute at campfires and such but now we are in the big city and I'm scared of what people may think or say. 

... I love her!

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For something like this, follow your heart. The rest is gibberish. If she makes you happy, go for it. Happiness is so hard to find. I hope you go and I'm sure she'll be just as nervous.<br />
<br />
BTW, post pics (sorry I'm still a guy and I had to go there. ) :P