It was the best feeling in the world. Just knowing that someone out there cares so much for you and you mean so much to them. She was my best friend, my lover, my everything. I was never interested in her, or girls in general. But ever since our friendship bloomed it was hard not to think about swinging the other way, just for her. We never thought our friendship would escalate, but it did. It did to where we were steamed up to make sweet love, just to prove our love to each other. In such short time we went through a lot. Being with someone of your own gender, here, is clearly not the norm for people. Nobody supported us so we decided to keep to ourselves. We still had the time of our lives together and I would kill to get a nanosecond of those times back. After 7 months of struggles and heavenly glee, I had to let her go. I felt like a filthy despotist to let her go through my own melancholy. And now I regret it. She has done nothing but be good to me. She changed my life. And even though I don't get the privilege of calling her 'my own', I'm still grateful I met her.
Glitter99 Glitter99
22-25, F
Aug 15, 2014