Couldn't Resist Him

He was hired in my dept. I'm a Mngr. had to train him in some areas. I'm w my sons dad for 15 yrs. we've had problems for the last 3 yrs. When i met "A" , I wasn't looking for anything but needed attention. I really did think it would be just a fling. I've neva cheated but had plenty opportunity. For some reason I felt something different from A. I heard he asked about me & so I bring so bold asked him to lunch. I make good $ & I like to be in control. I wasn't shy. I wanted him. I wasn't getting it from j at home & hes an alcoholic. After lots of lunches & working late w him. I was falling & after we had sex, I was in love. We've been together for 6 months. He just moved in w me & my son & so far so good!
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 12, 2013