Boss Lady ~ Part 1 My Story

My crew calls me "Boss Lady". I'm a woman manager in a predominately male work place. At home, my son (Z~ 8 yrs) calls me mom & his alcoholic dad (J) calls me *****!
I'm very in control & confident & i enjoy my job. At home I'm unhappy, stressed & have little control. My crew & other co-workers know very little about my personal life. I sometimes bring Z to work, he likes helping the crew & the 6 of them watch after him. They know his dad by name, but neva met nor seen him. Only Z pics in my office & J won't come bcuz i work closely w police. And he hates cops & hes got a record.He duznt support my job & always accuses me if cheating. Ive had plenty opportunity, but neva did until i met "A".
J & I are not married, but the crew thinks we are. We've been together for 15 yrs. It's been 5 yrs since J got hurt at work & started drinking. He still works but is limited. he's verbally & emotionally abusive to Z & I. And I've been planning to leave J for the last 3 yrs, since 1st time our argument turned physical. The 2nd time I called cops & he was arrested. He got off easy w DV classes 1 yr. & fine. Although we are still living together, we are roomimates & argue constantly. The day he came home Z told me "You dont have to try anymore, mama". It lit that firewood that was piling underneath my ***. And i started planning & saving.
It was around this time I became Mngr. Despite the BS at home i excell at work, maybe cuz ive got control. I show my crew respect, we've worked together for 6 yrs. Then my lead man KC became ill & i needed to replace him. KC actually brought in A & i hired him. His 1 yr review is in Feb. Weve been having an affair since last May....End of part 1 of my story
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Jan 13, 2013