Love To Spoil Him - Pt 4

So Im not the typical domestic woman. I don't cook & don't like to clean. don't get it twisted, I clean just don't like to. J put me down for this all the time.
It's probably his favorite thing to ridicule me about. And calling me a "F-*****" is his favorite name for me. I'm used to it.
Most people judge a book by it's cover. I wasn't going to take my night with A any furthera. Bcuz I though he looked at me as I drive a MBenz, have a huge ring on finger, wear gucci & my nails are always done, What the hell do I have to complain or be unhappy about. It seems I can take getting knocked around a little bit. Well, when I said this to him, he didn't think of me like. But he does have a hard time now dealing with the way I treat him. You see I love to spoil this man & my son too. I can get J to buy me & Z ANYTHING. Especially after he's been crappy to us.
A is the polar opposite. He's not financially stable, He lost everything in his divorce. He cheated on his wife & the girl stalked him. His biggest regret is losing his step-daughter he raised since she was 2. He lives an hour away & rents rm from KC. He stays with parents sometimes & his dad is ill. They live in a 2 bdrm w A's twin bro & that house is as big as my family rm. He drives nice truck but can't afford payments. He was behind & I paid it & now I make payments for him & insurance. When we go out, I neva let him pay.
When I get a rm, there's always gifts waiting for him, sometimes, clothes, jackets, shoes, cologne. It depends on where I've been shopping that wk. And I've bought him several cell phones & yes I pay bill. I Love to Spoil Him!
But he spoils me & Z too. The relationship he & Z have is priceless to me. He gives me good love & shows me respect. He's a great guy. I'm his Bebe, as he calls me. He gets totally embarrassed when I do these things for him. I can't help it though, I Love to spoil him.
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41-45, F
Jan 15, 2013