A Sweet Reunion

Well, my best friend and I had decided to go to the school play at my old school (where my priest still is) last weekend. I went prepared to see some of my younger friends perform in the play because I had not seen any of them since I had graduated in May. After the play was over, everyone had left, but I stayed behind to think about the fun I had at my old school. I turned to leave and I saw him, my priest. just by himself standing there. My eyes got really wide and I just stared. I hadn't seen him since graduation either. He looked over at me and gave a little smirk. I couldn't help it, I ran up to him and hugged him as tight as I could. Then we talked for a little while about how high school was going, how were things at home, and he commented on my hair. He said it was pretty. I had told him about how terrible high school is. The kids at my school are rich, stuck-up, snooty jerks and *****. He took my hand and told me he believed that I could finish my years in high school successfully and come out just the way I did when I graduated 8th grade: smarter and more beautiful inside and out. I hugged him again and I realized we had just been standing there for about 30 minutes after that just hugging. The same old feelings are back now, I guess...
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Hahaaaa so much like my story

I know how it feels. Except my story goes way further. Hug ☻