My 10 Out Of 10 Is A Priest

1 Opportunities with him. He is at every church event i attend. I fall more inlove with him every time i see him. He is always standing close to me. It may just be a coincidence sometimes but it can't all be a coincidence. I literally can't breath when he's close. I always have to tell myself to inhale and exhale and worst of all my voice becomes very soft.
2 He's Tall - so i can wear my high heels.
3 Im willing to go an extra mile for him- I do things for him even when he's not asked me to. Try to make his discussions interesting so he fills less nervious (even though he seems more nervous when I'm close)
4 He has gone an extra mile for me - He notices everything i do. Cant cough silently without him going 'are you okay'?. Even when i dont want him to, he sees me. I am very clumsy, I'm always knocking into things and when i turn round, he's looking straight at me. Even when he doesnt say anything, i feel that he still talks to me as if to say 'are you okay?'
5 I can't live without him - He gives me a reason to live. My whole life has been filled with one problem after another. I have been suicidal a couple of times over the years and having meet him, I know there's a lot of good and happiness out there. He has taken over my life. I'm awaken by him in the early morning everyday. I ask God, why couldn't I have met him a 8 years ago to stop him from the priesthood? 6 Not African minded- Obviously because he's British(Originally from Scotland), not controlling and understanding. I'm an black African so don't see this as discriminatory. If you are an African woman or has been with an African man before you'll know what I mean.
7 Goes to church- more like has to.
8 calm - Because I'm calm and quiet so we match
9 Loves music- I love to write my own songs and sing. He's a great singer and can play the piano better than I can. Can't join the church choir because he's there too and I'll end up just admiring and listening to him singing instead.
10 He completes me- Even though we're the same in some ways, he's so much better than me. I'm very bad with names, dates and remembering. He's the very first person to say my name right the first time and remember it the next day. He's confident, courageous and charming.

He emailed me saying that he doesn't feel the same way about me. Im glad because he's a good priest and I want him to stay that way. I have to stop going to his church in order to move on. That doesn't stop me from checking my emails all the time hoping to hear from him again. Whatever happens in the future, I'll always have him in my heart and he'll always be my 10 out of 10.
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Jan 8, 2013