Oh I feel so stupid.  You really can get close to someone on the internet. No superficial distractions and games unless it's a mutual thing.  Between beautiful letters and pictures, a tender heart can be swept away.  My God , I still love the fantasy someone made for me ..for money.  I go over her pictures and letters and I bawl my eyes out.  I'm a stupid old fool.
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You're neither stupid or a fool then or're not old either.

Wow. Thanks for the input. That sounds spot on.

I feel pretty silly everytime I go back to this story, but I guess I'll leave it here.

BIG HUGS. You're not alone, dude. Not only do I write stupid things,.. I leave them there.... AND, I've trusted people who should have seen nothing but the bottom of my shoe. Some people are extremely eloquent here,.. some people are shedding the chaffe and exposing the innermost workings of their souls. And some people are just crap and garbage through and through. You know, even in a pile of garbage and refuse,.. you can still finds bits of interesting things, doesn't mean the rest of it doesn't stink. I've learned a lot here, and though I could have done without the pain, I sure am thankful that I'm tougher, stronger and much more wise.

well she certainly could write nice letters!

It's all good for a laugh being almost 4 years ago. but thanks

...big hugs could happen to anyone ...cheer up mate ...xoxoxo

There's lots of worse things that could have happened.<br />
Always look on the bright side.

iT'S A PRETTY OLD POST. tHINGS ARE BETTER. whoops didn't mean to raise my voice

oh man, I am so sorry for you... I hope you find peace in your heart

i'm sorry for what you went through. i know this was quite a while ago. hope you are healed of such a trauma....hugs

I fell in love online too. After 3 months of chatting, we took a vacation together, then continued chatting after we went back to our countries. It's been 11 days since I was told he slept with someone two months ago. And we never talked since. He probably has a wife or a gf back in Canada that he didn't tell me. No wonder he kept telling me not to be so sweet and he doesn't deserve me and I'm too good for him and how the vacation feels like a fantasy. But he is the fantasy, all his lies. I cried to sleep last night. He made me feel dispensable because of lying and cheating, unimportant because he didn't entirely come clean and try to apologize, and stupid giving him my full trust. Some of you have gone through this. How do you stop feeling like that and stop missing and thinking and having feelings about that person?

Well I have been through a similar experience as you. In late sept of last year I met a man over a dating website that I fell in love with....he sent me love letters everyday and promised to make a life together with me, all this before we've even met. <br />
After 3 months he said he was flying over to Malaysia for a business deal. Which went into trouble, the long and short of it is that by the end of it, I had lost my entire life savings. I am now broke, this man I have later found to be a fraud. <br />
It is heart breaking and the pain of regret is the worst of all, it is like a cancer which eats at you. Until I learnt to forgive myself. Now I am in the process of putting my life together again. It hurts bro. I will not be the same person I was before again. <br />
So you have this cold comfort, you are not alone in your experience. These scammers take advantage of lonely people by painting a fantasy that they know will fit into your deepest needs. They are utterly despicable. I am broke now. I was near suicide a few months ago. But I realize one thing, life is very precious. I will make the best use of it now. And I will treasure everything everything I have

You're not the only one.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
This is a forum and website that catalogs known "romance scams" and scammers so that they can be caught and other people will not have to go through what you've been through. It's also a place for people who've been through a romance scam to get help and support from other people who are in the same situation. I hope that you'll consider looking up the website.

I've known a few people who fell for online "scam" love.... one of the reasons I don't believe you can fall in love with someone you've never met. I think you need to bring them into "real life" before you can verify your true feelings.

Wanting to believe in someone who's portraying themselves as trustworthy is being a decent human being.You have nothing to feel foolish about.

Don't feel bad. The problem is with her; she was a scammer before she met you. You are not naive, just someone who wants to believe the very best in all people. There's nothing wrong with that. <br />
<br />
I hope your heart has had time to mend.

That just plain sucks!

The net is a funny world where the real and unreal mix together freely. Some interactions are genuine and meaningful. Other times, the 19 year old nymphet who plays the harp and recites poetry is in fact a 47 year old truck driver named Earl who drinks moonshine out of a Flintstones grape jelly jar. Let the buyer beware.

Man what you're saying is not dumb at all. It's totally normal to vent about being taken advantage of. I could totally see myself in your shoes. I am too trusting of people at times and sometimes it comes back to bite me. Hang in there man and don't give up!!

Would you like me to kick her *** for you??? I need to work off some issues, I could use her face... LOL

not so dumb, we all are looking and we all have put up barriers to protect ourselves, but some times we let our guard down and enjoy ourselves,look forward to another day, what can be wrong or dumb about that?

See I told you I say dumb things on this site.