I Have A Child With A Sociopath

I met this man, the most charming man u can ever imagine. He looked like a well established man, a great father in the future, a family man, a caring and loving one, as wel as the funniest guy on earth.....i fell in love with him, lived with him for 9 months, he offered me to make a family with him to have a baby...i stopped my anti baby pills and got pregnant. then he sent me to my home country and didnt come for 6 months because he said the english authorities had his passport lost....his mom accepted me into her house as well as his whole family pretended to be my future family. he came and i thought to myself "what a great triumph! my love is wiht me again and he made it to our son's birth"!!! what would u know? that when u date a sociopath, every first word is a lie. he was married, when i thought he is going to work, he was going home. he was married not for love of course, but he used her for a passport. he needed me to escape from england, because he might have been deported....didnt need me so much later but because his father is famous they had to shut my mouth...so he came he admitted the child, then he pretended our relationship is not going well so that i would dump him. he was afraid i would tell his wife coz he did something in england and aparentely she saved him. when i didnt have money for the baby, he was prob ******* other women or found another victim. he stole money from my purse, also for the baby. now i kicked him out of the house and sewing him for alymony. this man up until today is not admitting to all the crimes he committed. he used me sexually for one year and a half, and when i was pregnant and alone, he made me send him pictures, nude ones i thought coz he missed my body as he said....i dont want to think about the reason why. some sociopaths, as this one, just like to control, they like to humiliate people and use them as puppets. and the worst part is it can happen to anyone, because they r so f**** charming
 oh i forgot to add that i found out he had a criminal record of attempt of rape, he was in prison for 2 years, stole from every job he worked in and he pretended to be looking for  a job when he live with me...  .....
dreamlovegirl dreamlovegirl
May 8, 2011