My Husband Showing Signs That He May Be A Sociopath

My husband has always been somewhat of a compulsive liar, but ever since his return from deployment it has spiraled out of control he shows no sympathy and is out of control since he has been back he has yet to be sober, has violent outburst in public verbally abuses me and has gotten a make matters worse he started staying out without coming home saying he was with friends from his unit I have brought it to his ncos attention numerous times n still nothing he always has a sob story that he is sucidal to keep.from getting into trouble. Just 3 weeks ago I finally figured out where he had been really going and contacted the women he was spending time with so we got to talking and she told me that they met on a dating site she told me he was very persistent on meeting her and when she finally gave in that he was very charming and fast wanted to kiss her in the bar ect then after two weeks she gave in he told her he was divorced and that I had cheated on him while deployed not true he fed her so many lies then within 2 weeks his true colors came out he started being controlling and now an even bigger problem she found out she is pregnant he tells her he is gonna step up to the plate and be a father but for one he is hardly a father to our children and secondly he has yet to tell me she is pregnant I don't know what to do I'm so caught up I love him and yet know there are other women
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Thank you as of today i have started counseling and know no changes will be made over night but I'm taking a step forward and do feel for anyone else who comes in contact with him i just hope they are smart enough to run it has broken me to the point i came accustomed to it being normal ik it sounds sick

Leave him. He ruined your relationship and marriage. Get a divorce. Sometimes we have to let go of the ones we love. He doesn't love himself and is not able to love you in the right way or love anybody else. If you stay with him there might be more trouble coming ahead ... And darling that is something you do not need.