Lesson Learned

My sociopath is the first man I fell in lobe with after getting out of a 18 year marriage. It was all excitement and fun. It was the best sex I ever had.

It all moved so fast. Him putting me on a pedastle and doing everyrhing for me. Candlelight dinners. Wine and hot baths with candles. He knew what he was doing.

The I love you and let's move on together after only a few months. I am am educated woman. I should have known better.

So we moved in together. All was good. For a few months. Then josh true colors started to show. He started drinking more . Started getting more controling plus the lying and manipulation. Verbal abuse started. You see when the Looks and charm didnt work on me anymore the more controling amd abusive he got.

We had a joint checking accoumt and he started going through the money without a second thoufht. Then he started knowingly bouncing checks at the local bars. My names were on the checks so I was held accountable too.

He physically and verbally abused me because I wasn't taking care of jis mistake. Ultamately I did. I had to take a $2000 loan to pay it back. Do you think he helped me pay back the loan? Hell no. FYI I closed the joint checking account.

I left and came back a couple of times. He would use his charm and Sweet talk. I just wanted it to be like it was in the beginning. But the abuse got worse everytime I went back.

I won't even go into the pool of woman, lies and deceit. I am sure you know All about that.

I finally left this time last year. I left with what was important and cut my loses. He wanted everything even though Almost everything was mine or I bought. He went through 4 jobs in the 15 months we were together.

I got an apartment and he really started to unravel withh drinking amd drugs. Then he got a dwi. His 4 Th one. I had know idea. So everything got dumped in my lap. I had to deal with the house we were renting. I had to get rid of his harley. But I did get all my stuff back. All the people he owed money too started coming out if the woodwork. While he was with me he took one of his woman's credit card and charged $500 on it. He syaryed seeing the woman across the street from us amd he took her for $3000 with his sob story of how I left him.

He is in jail and he gets out in april. He has been sending long poetic letters. When I didn't respond they necame angry amd controling. I am moving so he cant find me.

I have a really great job and he knows Where I work. He would call me at work and verbally abuse me on the phone. I am going out of state for a couple of weeks and lay low. It's sad to say but maybe he will find his next victim by then.

Thanks for reading.
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Welcome to EP and thank you for sharing your story.

If he insists on stalking you, you can report him to the police, maybe he will go back to jail and he will deserve it. Abusive men must be treated like they deserve without any pity.