Stargazing With Someone I Dont Know And Now I Cant Get Him Out Of My Mind

so yeah. here i am writing.. i feel like crying for the fact that i might not see him anymore :(.. its been 2 days since i saw him. I saw him at a pool party. I dont have plans to talk to him since im shy and im not good at talking with people. He is cute and adorable, sweet young man. We are both 17 years old. ****. Whats wrong with me..I never really felt like this before with a stranger..
He compliment me about the flyer i made about the pool party event and thats the start f our conversation. I found out he likes film making and graphic designing which i do too. So we talked and talked. When he smiles i just cant help it but to smile also. I ask him if we could talk privately and he agreed since theres a lot of people on the pool. We went to a place where no one is around. I offered him a jacket since its so cold.Its like a movie scene XD. He keeps on smiling and so i am. He is so sweet. We are sitting in the sand talked about random things. A lil laugh , silly smiles,awkward silence. He laid down and watch the stars . I stared at him for couple of seconds. He pulled me so i can lay next to him and says we watch the stars together :).Its really nice .. Stargazing with someone you like , lay down at the sand , feeling the fresh air , Every girl dreams about this.
I forgot to ask for is no. and his full name(so ill add him in fb).
2 days ago. was like the best night of my life.
2 days ago i met this guy who makes my heart turn into pieces now thinking ill never see him anymore
A guy who made me fall inlove for just a couple of hours.

i wish. i really wish..we'll meet soon.:(.
i hate this feeling
feelslikesummer feelslikesummer
Sep 24, 2012