Its Always Him!!

I met this guy 2 years ago we always bump into each other in a public vehicle.I know it sounds crazy but when I first saw him I told myself that "woah his real". I don't know but its the first thing that came into my mind..Several months we always bump into each other we even take sits together but I don't have the courage to talk to him but something tells me that I should talk to him but I was really shy. I always look at him and he always look back.
A change of schedule happened and I don't have the chance to see him again.After a few months we see each other again and I was very happy and shock about it because I almost thought that will never see each other again. I looked at him and he also looked back with smile in his eyes but I look away as soon as possible. And it happen over and over again for months but we still don't know each other. One time me and my sister go to his workplace but Im still not sure if its the right place( i know I'm such a stalker) and wew Im right!!my heart is beating so fast I'm so happy that day, since I already see him, me and my sister decided to just troll around the mall and then I saw him looking straight at me and when I look back he look away. After we get through him my sister immediately asks me "Does your crush know you? (with shivering voice) and then she told me the time we get through from the escalator until the time i saw him he was staring at me, hearing that makes me shiver, happy, and makes my heartbeat faster.I feel like maybe his into me too?.or just as I thought.
Then it happen I'm with my friend in a public vehicle when we see him heading to us (what a great coincidence!!)he even sit in front of me I don't look at him I feel like my face is really red that time and my hands are cold like ice and my friend was just siiting beside me with teasing smile with her face. The other passenger already left and its only the three of us. Then my friend asks him first if they're hiring(to make it not to obvious) and then his name I don't remember the other details but he answer all the question with a smile, his very talkative and very approachable
then my friend started to point at me and said "she always ride with you" and then he follows "yup in tramo.. (so he remember me im so happy).when we got off the vehicle he walk with us and chat with us. The next day Im already in the vehicle I don't know if he saw me but I think he is because I was staring at him and then he was heading to my vehicle whose already moving but I was too busy staring at him that I didn't told the driver to stop( Im such a fool) so he just ride to the other vehicle.The next day he saw me standing in the waiting area I lied to him that there's no vehicle when actually I was just waiting for him I was really nervous and shy at the same time so I don't talk to him a lot, the vehicle come he sits besides the driver and im in the back but he first let me to sit inside before he go to the front, his such a gentleman. But after a week when me and my friend got the chance to ride with him again I feel like his not the same person like last time, his not that talkative, not that approachable, he didn't even walk with us when we got off he take the other route which he doesn't take usually so I know that his trying to avoid us. I don't know what happened did I do something wrong from our last meeting?..Its the last time I saw him and it hurts a lot there's a lot of question I need to asks but I don't know how..Im already losing hope that I will see him again and I try to forget him but when I was so determined to forget him I always dreamed of him and starting to love him again..I pray to see him again if not I hope that I will get through with this feeling..

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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Any updates??:) I hope you saw him again...

I see:) It's good you're keeping in touch with him:)