Back From War And A Broken Stranger

I returned home from afghanistan earlier this year. A few days after returning to my home town, i went to go to the gym with my sister in law. I was a complete wreck and didnt exspect to meet anyone. When we got there, there she was...over six years older then me but more beautiful then anything i had ever seen. I wasnt sure what it was, it was like i had just seen a ghost. I went into the gym and then left with my sister in-law. She droped me off at her house with my brother. Then her (lets call her Bell) and my sister went to get food. The moment they left i began drinking heavily, by the time they had returned i was drunk as could be. I made a fool of myself and she forgave me the next day when i brought her flowers (my brothers suggestion). We went to the park the next day with my brother and sister in-law. I showed Bell how to throw a foot ball, then we all hung out, things seemed to be going well. To me it was like i had loved her from the moment i saw her. So i saw her there the next two days, dreaming soundly about her every night. Then she went away for two days to a wedding, i dreamed about her every night but couldnt hardly sleep. When she returned we all hung out. It had been snowing alot and the roads were bad but I was getting ready to leave when she stoped me, i admited i liked her and we watched a movie on the couch. Then another, except it was just me and her then. We moved closer and closer, untill i was holding her. Then we moved to the back room where we cuddled for awhile. She seemed to feel as much for me as i did her. Then the next day we cuddled again the same as the day before. When i cuddle with her i slep but it was like i was awake with her all night in my dreams. Then two days passed and we didnt see each other, once again i couldnt sleep. The next day i went her house and asked her out admitedly unqualified (ide rather avoid the specifics of my own guilt). She said she couldnt be with anyone and she seemed very upset. Then two more days passed. When i saw her at my brother and sisters again she told me one of my crosses had fallen off my dog tags while i was at her house. I didnt comment much and quickly left. Right now is early the next morning 2:46 AM and i know shes emotional unavaliable because of her recent relationships, the way they hurt her but for the first time in my life, i think im in love.
Theexplove Theexplove
Feb 11, 2013