Back From War And A Broken Stranger Part 2

So the next day i went back to get the cross, when i got there Bell wasnt there, i was both happy and sad about that. I got my cross and placed it safely back on my dog tags when, she suddenly came in. She didn't say anything to me. It was like i wasnt important, like i wasnt there. Maybe i was making her fell like she was the one who wasnt there or wasnt important. When i finally addressed her, about the cake she was baking. I noticed how absolutely cute her outfit was. It hit me then that i needed to leave because i didnt want even a drop of my true feelings to come threw after my earlier rejection. So soon after i left. Its 2:06 AM and im wondering now how long this is going to carry on. Me and her, are going to continue seeing each other and i'm going to continue being in love and unqualifed.
Theexplove Theexplove
Feb 12, 2013