Fell for a girl on vacation

I rarely login to Experience Project, but I almost immediately come to this story. It's always comforting to see many people share this same experience. I wrote this story in 2009, one year removed from high school. It is now February 2016 and I am 25 years old... Wow, does time fly by.

I have received numerous messages from people that have asked me to write this story on other websites and even take part in a documentary highlighting experiences like these (because they are so relatable). Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned note that I rarely login, I have missed a lot of these opportunities.

Anyway, I did want to immediately jump to the question likely lingering on people's minds: "After eight years, are you still hopelessly in love with the girl that you will never seen again?" The easy answer is, that I am not. That does not mean I have forgotten what happened that night in Bermuda, though. I may never forget.

Now, for the story, which remains intact...

Having gone on a number of vacations throughout high school and college with my family, a girl would almost always catch my eye. The catch, however, is that I never distinctly remembered them following my return home. Odds are I will never see the aforementioned girl again, so I made sure to keep my emotions in check.

Fate is a funny thing, though. One girl did catch my eye eight years ago. Though her face is beginning to fade into oblivion, this is a memory I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I graduated from high school in 2008. As a graduation gift, my family took me on a week-long trip to Bermuda. We stayed at a beautiful resort called Elbow Beach. I won't bore you with the details, but let's fast forward to our last night on the Islands... when it was unfortunately raining. My family and I rushed through the rain to one of the resort's restaurants. Upon our arrival, the hostess seated my family and I at the bar as our table was being prepared. Being the observant individual I am, I rotated the barstool and glanced at all of the families and couples scattered throughout the restaurant. One face, in particular, immediately stood out. It was a beautiful, sandy-blonde girl looking back at me. I faintly smiled at her and turned back to my family and whispered under my breath. We must have been the same age.

The hostess came and notified my family that our table was ready. I was praying that our table would be in the vicinity as hers. Surprisingly, we walked right by her table and we exchanged another smile. Having quickly gotten butterflies in my stomach, I just knew I had to talk to this girl, but the setting made it nearly impossible. What I was feeling was something I had never felt prior to this girl.

We didn't look at each other much until the end of our meals. She gave me a strikingly beautiful smile. She, like me, realized this was crazy. It's VACATION, and before I even spoke a word to this girl, I was falling for her.

As my family got up to leave the restaurant, I walked by her again and made sure to see her face long enough to remember it for the rest of my life. Knowing I would never see her again, I turned around one last time.

As years go by, this is a moment in my life that I will think about less and less. However, it is something that I will never forget.

I suppose there could be conflicting advice to give on this subject. In my situation, I should have allowed myself to escape reality and do things I never dreamed of. That's what vacation is for, after all, right? I would take in that one person. That one person I may never see again. I would speak to her. Having some answers are better than none at all. I will, and have, moved on with my life, but there is a sliver of me that will always wonder: "What if...?"
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Well here I am, typing this because I'm really depressed.. I just came back from RIU Vallarta jalisco mexico last night, got there on friday and it all started that day... I was playing frisbee on the pool with my cousins, and then I saw this girl swimming around and ****... then I got the chance to look at her face and I was shocked, never seen a beautiful girl like her, She was swimming with her grandma or mom, idk who was she, her grandma or mom had short red-dark hair, but whatever, this girl was wearing a swimsuit with black stripes, her dark hair was looking beautiful, that day.. she got me. Then later that night I went to the hotel restaurant for some buffet dinner, I sat on a table with my cousins and she was 2 tables away from me, she was looking the oposite way tho, so she couldn't see me at all, she was wearing some orange t-shirt, then when she finished her food, she went for more, she passed right beside me almost touching my arm, I got goosebumps, she looked at me and I did, and when that happened I felt butterflies on my stomach, then later we went to watch the show and she was with her family and I was with mine, I kinda was trying to talk to her but her language was diferent from spanish or english, can't tell which language was hers.. then the next day she was on the beach, that morning I came down and she was playing volleyball with some random people (even my brother was playing there) the organizer invited me to play but I was too dumb cause I was shy and instead I went to swim.. later then we exchanged looks but never a word, I can't believe yet I didn't accept to play, anyways later that night after the show, I was walking with my cousin she was coming upstairs and I was going downstairs, she looked at me and she smiled, but since I was too shy, I couldn't even say "hi", now I'm here regreting and wondering "what if I said hi?" I could be talking to her on facebook or skype, because I felt like she was the girl I was looking for in my entire life, I'm going back to that same hotel in May, hopefully I get lucky and I can see her again, but thats a 1% probablity of 99%.. meh I'm really sad, been thinking on her the entire day n night, girl if you're reading this, please send me a message, can't stop thinking on you...

Hey bro I've been on that situation however this was couple of days ago so you can still find her.Use instagram to find her by location tag the name of the hotel or the place where you see this girl maybe she posted a picture of herself on that hotel you can do the same thing with facebook that's the best option you have.GOOD LUCK AND HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND MY ENGLISH.

Hello, thanks for replying, I've trying to find her on instagram but no luck :( Now with facebook... Wish I could go back on time and say hi to her.

I even saw her taking a selfie with her aunt and she had an iPhone, so I thought she had instagram but aparently she didn't use english hashtags, maybe her language on hashtags :(

Similar thing happened to me. I was vacationing in Punta Cana with my family and my cousin. There was a new young bartender that was absolutely perfect. He had to be only a year or two older then me. The second day there i ordered a drink and he believed i was older and asked if I wanted alcohol and i responded sure, so until the next day he would always give me good drinks. A few days after my family wanted to take a group picture at the swim up bar he tended. While taking the picture he glanced at my wrist and saw the under 18 band, and Cutely giggled because he realized I was younger. ( he still gave me stuff though.) After that i would always catch him looking at me and walk up to the on land part of the Bar whenever I would Go to get a glass of soda or water. There was a language barrier because he spoke spanish and i was shy so I never was able to start a conversation. Later on i would get so shy around him I would make my parents order me drinks lol. But he was so attractive and seemed like such a nice guy. It was definatley lust I felt for him. Once i left the resort i got teary knowing I'll probably never see him again. My family loved the resort and plans to go there in the near future but there is no gaurentee he'll still be working there. I cried so hard when I got home because I regret not speaking to him. I tried looking online to see if he had FB or anything but I can't find him. I feel so heartbroken and I never even got to know him.

If we hadn't continued talking for at least a few months and he hadn't told me several months later that he had fallen in love with me that night and was still in love with me normally I would agree with you and just keep it as a sweet memory of a vacation. But mind went just a bit further than just the trip we met on.

I would just so desperately love to find him and at least get closure as to why we stopped talking or rather not getting response from a final text message I had sent which I unfortunately didn't know was final at the time

I still have his email and I have one picture of him but I just cannot remember his last name the only thing I remember about his last name is that he said it sounds like Angel but there was a letter and I want to stay an L but I don't think that's right before the word angel.....Making it Langel.

His first name is Rob, he is from Vancouver Canada and had the most sexy tribal band tattoo right bicep.

I'd pay with my soul to find him

Hey everyone.
I am just getting back from a cruise where I saw an amazing girl who had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I cant get them out of my head. But it wasn’t just her eyes. The way she carried her self and just everything about her was perfect.
Sadly, I never got the courage up to go speak to her even though we were landing and holding eye contact just about every time we walked by each other. The smiling was soft but mostly because I was disappointed I didn’t know how to spark a conversation or I had headphones in.
She was with three other friends and I was with my family so I was kinda intimidated. I did end up searching our cruise ships hash tag on instagram and found a picture of her guy friend, which lead me to her (M.F).

SO my question is should I message her and just tell her that I think she was special and that I would like to see her if I ever get up her way. Because we are very far apart but I am planning on traveling a lot so I could make my way up to her. But is it creepy that we never spoke a word to each other

I was on holiday at great yarmouth at a hoilday place called haven I was in a club I was there for about 2 hours and a beautiful girl seat at the table next to me and she was with her brothers and I looked at the corner of my eye and she was looking directlyat me then I turned we looked in to each other's eyes for about 3 seconds my mum said can u get the girls I went yo get them because we had to go she keep looking at me my sisters drunk their drinks and my mum said we are going as I was walking out I looked back and knew I was not going to see her again because it was my last day :( shes all ways in my mind and I keep replaying the scenes I hope I see her again she had beautiful blonde hair facebook Camron Davis need to see her again out of the odds I hope she sees this

You are wrong my freind ,

Your story was something similar to mine , but mine is a bit more deep ,

I was on vacation in istanbul at the time it happend and of-coarse i saw the most beautiful girl , 180cm height , green eyes , blond ,and her smile ...... i just can not get her image out of my head

The only difference is that after 30 min of eye contact and smiles exchange i decided to approach her , and i did , but the problem was that she only spoke turkish , a language that i didn't know any thing about at that time , and what happend is that with the help of her girlfreind we exchanged ideas learned each others names , age , major in collage , and a bit about each other we spent about 15 min smiling and looking into each others eyes and emotions sort of flied , i swear that within these 15 min i have fallen in love with this girl , after that we exchanged numbers and the next day, i left back home , i tried to contact her but it was not working out by calls , and things between us just died after 2 weeks , later after a few month her number was out of service , and we didn't communicate after that ...

I enrolled in turkish courses back home and i learned about the language just in a case i ever saw her again , and went back to istanbul a few times , but it was of-coarse i failed attempt ....

The sad thing is that its been 3 years since i met her and still i'm inlove with that girl and im sure that i will not see her again , and probably she is living her life and not giving me a single thought , but i loved her , it took me 15 min to fall in love with a girl that i will never see again , there is not a single day gone by that i dont think about her , she consumes my thoughts every night , even in my dreams.

Now that i think about it, i wish that i never approached her , and just did what you did , looked back smiled and walked away ....

I feel you bro. Similar thing is happening to me right now, I just came back from holiday in croatia, the first day or two I noticed a really beautiful girl that was staying in the same hotel as me, (we had breakfast and dinner in the hotel.. free food!!), but I thought it was just another attractive girl I’ll see for like 2 seconds and not feel anything, however that changed instantly in a brief moment when I was walking back to the hotel and I noticed she was walking the opposite way, she was with her parents and I was with my nan, I was looking at her and as she looked at me she gave me a smile. My body went numb, as I carried on walking I processed what happened and I was like “The perfect girl actually likes me!?!?” I then started developing a smile and the world became brighter, then every day after that, I tried to arrive at breakfast and dinner at the same time as her so I would see her, that night, I could sleep so much easier with that though being repeated in my head (no AC…) it put my mind of the intense heat. The next day at, I forgot if it was dinner or breakfast, I was walking back to my table and she was going to get some food, and we crossed directions, and being the idiot that I am, I completely blanked her, I really do not have a clue why, and in the corner of my eye, I could see she looked at me with another smile, then as I walked away it was then I realized. What the **** is wrong with me? I’m such an idiot, so a week went past with us occasionally glancing at each other, me stuffing myself with food, just so I could stay in the cafeteria longer with her. But, the biggest mistake I made was not approaching her and talking to her because now, I’m back here and crying over the fact that she doesn’t know how I feel about her (she probably thinks I don’t care) and knowing that I will never see her again.

You are wrong my freind ,

Your story was something similar to mine , but mine is a bit more deep ,

I was on vacation in istanbul at the time it happend and of-coarse i saw the most beautiful girl , 180cm height , green eyes , blond ,and her smile ...... i just can not get her image out of my head

The only difference is that after 30 min of eye contact and smiles exchange i decided to approach her , and i did , but the problem was that she only spoke turkish , a language that i didn't know any thing about at that time , and what happend is that with the help of her girlfreind we exchanged ideas learned each others names , age , major in collage , and a bit about each other we spent about 15 min smiling and looking into each others eyes and emotions sort of flied , i swear that within these 15 min i have fallen in love with this girl , after that we exchanged numbers and the next day, i left back home , i tried to contact her but it was not working out by calls , and things between us just died after 2 weeks , later after a few month her number was out of service , and we didn't communicate after that ...

I enrolled in turkish courses back home and i learned about the language just in a case i ever saw her again , and went back to istanbul a few times , but it was of-coarse i failed attempt ....

The sad thing is that its been 3 years since i met her and still i'm inlove with that girl and im sure that i will not see her again , and probably she is living her life and not giving me a single thought , but i loved her , it took me 15 min to fall in love with a girl that i will never see again , there is not a single day gone by that i dont think about her , she consumes my thoughts every night , even in my dreams.

Now that i think about it, i wish that i never approached her , and just did what you did , looked back smiled and walked away ....

Right now as we speak im at a resort in bed. It's 1 in the morning and im still thinking about the girl that my sister introduced to me about 2 hours ago. We chatted on the beach shore for about half an hour and everything went fine. I barely talked since im a pretty shy guy myself. But I made her laugh once so that made my night. However, tomorrow's her last day at the resort and there's a low chance that I might see her. But if I do see her, I really want to ask her for her phone number. I fear that my shyness will get In the way. But this story gave me a bit of inspiration. So wish me luck and if I do get her number, I just wanted to say thank you in advance for the motivation.

Same thing happened to me just one week ago during my vacation in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. There's this French guy, we were in the same Van and Tricycle, we never talked but he
went to my hotel in the middle of the night and handed me a letter. I just wished we can see each other again.

Similar thing happened to me. Was on vacation in mexico and it was probably the first or second night. I was at dinner with the family at a buffet style restaurant. I was up getting my food and turned around a corner and bumped into a girl with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. We stared for at least 5 seconds. I told her about her eyes. She then complemented mine as well. I then asked her if she was going to the resorts club and she said if she's allowed. Later that night me and my friend went to the club hoping she would be they're... she didn't show up. I was devastated. I ended up looking for her for the rest of the vacation. Couldn't find her. Still to this day I wonder where and who she is... Knowing i'll never see her again...

I just came back from a week holiday in Austria where i met this beautiful girl with curly pink hair which is odd because i've never been interested with girls who dye their hair with unique colours.Anyway , turns out she was my skiing instructor and that she was only 17 (Im 17 this year.... yeah i know right)I spent the whole day with her but unfortunately i was a terrible skier and was transferred to another group, it was agonising , knowing i was so close to her when the groups would meet up but not being able to interact with her, this went on for 2 days.I then shown great improvement and was transferred back to her group and i cant even explain how excited i was.We spent the rest of the week chatting ,getting to know each other as we would both try to get to each other on the chair lifts as it would be the small amount of time that i needed and looked forward to every day.on the last night of my holiday, the instructors came to the pub with the group members that were legal to drink and at the end of that night we hugged and had a intimate conversation while still holding each other but i was too scared to try and kiss her and i went home hating myself knowing that was my last chance.However i managed to get her to add me on Facebook and i spoke to her through text on the trip home which i believe was the only reason stopping me from having a breakdown,Its the day after and i want to message her again but im scared that im just bothering her and that i was nothing but another student.So here i am,in my home just praying that one day we'll meet again, i mean i know its possible(my parents met in Canada, had a relationship in Hong Kong and are now married in the UK with 3 children) but until then im just trying to convince myself that there's a reason we're not together right now.

In Mexico I met this girl at the bar my first night and got too drunk and grabbed her *** . we didn't start off on the right track soo a few days later I apologized and we started chatting at the bar. I had been drinking with her best friend and he got too drunk and blacked out so I helped carry him to there room. We had a real conversation and the way she was looking at me made me feel great. We got too kissing and more because we had instant connection. I was sad because it was her last night but I made sure it was her best night we talk on Facebook everyday. Who would have thought I would have fell for her and she likes me too . Just hope I get too see her again she plans on visiting soon

Ive just got back from lanzarote where this happened to me im english and it was with a german girl we spent 3 days together and 1 night which was the night before she left she just laid there kissing me and strokeing my face im never normally quick with affection or love but she has really done something to my head i only know her first name im devastated i wish the hotel could have told me her surname at least to have found her on facebook or something i dont know where to start literally cant get her out of my head 😫

This just happened to me this past weekend, I really wish I would've read your story a day earlier, because I didn't ask for her number or even her name. I need to find this girl or I'll always wonder.

Hey I understand you......Well I left my hometown of Carlisle Pennsylvania and went to Florida and now have ended up in ocean city Maryland....I took a big cut in pay as far as work until, I obtained 2 jobs in the summer. So I had money and no time except for weekends, which were spent going out. Keep in mind I was still trying to get over a girl that broke my heart like 6 years ago. But I went to my favorite spot seacrets. I did the normal got a drink or 2 started dancing trying to show some moves and then I locked eyes with one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She was absolutely wild on the dance floor not like I have ever seen cause most girls just do a safe dance. Well apparently she felt the same way after seeing me because she approached and started dancing with me. We actually kissed a few times and she danced with me all night. There were other guys over her but she chose me. She said she didn't want to do anything which was fine but my brother had company at the house so I couldn't take her home. Well I thought she gave me a fake number because she never texted back. So I went night after night back to the club and it wasn't ever the same cause no one else had that passion or spark that she had. Well finally I got lucky a month later I saw her again and got a picture with her but her friend was being really rude so again nothing. But she responded to my texts for a while and it seemed like it was going great because I wanted to get to know her maybe date but she completely stopped texting about a month and a half ago and I am not sure what to do because I feel like she might be the one. Because when I looked at her I felt like I have met her before as weird as that sounds and I found she is smart went to college and works with kids with mental illnesses and well off. So I sit here hoping she responds back because I am willing to travel to see her because she lives like 5 hours away.

It is uncanny as i read the responses. Most people seem to find it mysterious to find such a meeting lingering more than it should be. I too didn't expect myself to fall so hard for a stranger so quickly and intensely. I am kind of glad to read sharings of other people, for it assured me that i am not the only one who felt like this.

The person i liked was a butler to my villa resort in Bali, Indonesia. He was one of the two butlers in charge during my friend's and my stay.
What drew me to the butler was this overpouring sense of sincerity. While most people will shrug it off as him 'doing what he is supposed to do', i could sense he was doing from the bottom of his heart and wanted my friend and i to truly live comfortably in the villa. I admit what drew me instantly was his genuine pleasant face and smile, but what took my heart away was this gesture that i am about to write.

My friend and i booked a tour that would bring us to the northern side of Bali to see wild dolphins at sunrise. It would require us to be out by 230am with our guide. While we were in the taxi back home, my friend mused what if we asked for breakfast service to be served at 2am rather than the assigned timing. The Villa we were at provide complimentary breakfast that consisted with a choice of omelettes or pancakes. I was feeling very uncomfortable by her brash thoughts and said, "Don't push it." My policy is to never take advantage of people's kindness. Although technically the resort can and perhaps exist to meet the customers' demands, i just couldn't bear to request breakfast not within the given time frame.

Back in the villa, when the butler served our dinner, we informed him of our plans so he would know. Without us saying anything else, he immediately initiated whether or not we would like to have breakfast before we set off. I was immediately surprised by the great service. We requested it to be packed so we could eat along the way.

At 230am we emerged from our rooms and get ready to go. I saw the butler holding a bag and coming towards me. Still half awake, i was saying to him why was he still around, for his shift should have ended at 11pm. I thought he was leaving since he had a bag with him and wished him a good journey. He looked at me quizzically and handled me the bag. It was a picnic bag that retained heat, and within in was our breakfast... with two bottles of water.

I was struck by his sincerity and i suppose this was when i fell for him. He went beyond his job and wanted his guests to be comfortable. I admired that trait very much. It isn't something i see very often in Singapore.

On our last day i mustered whatever courage i had to have a photo taken with him. Unfortunately due to bad communication it wasn't a couple shot. I was too shy to re-request out of fear from being judged by my friend. When he stood with us as we wait for our taxi, i managed to talk to him a little bit... the only true conversation i ever had with him. Till now it still plays on my mind. I am filled with regret whenever it ends, for i wished i was more bold and talked to him more during our stay. I was horribly shy and i was putty at men being so gentle around me. I do feel depressed after the holiday, knowing i will never see Endry, the butler again.

Still, i will choose to believe that such encounters are what makes life beautiful; magical memories that stay in memory forever. I am glad to have such an experience!

I actually found this website because this issue was bothering me so much that I checked to see if anyone else had a similar problem.

I was on vacation for a week and stayed at a hostel. I was in a long-distance (and by long distance, I mean entirely on the other side of the globe) relationship that wasn't going smoothly. For the first few days, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I woke up, saw the sights, and went to sleep. And then I noticed one guy in my hostel. I don't know what it was, but I was instantly drawn to him. Although my relationship wasn't good, I ignored any abrupt feelings that I had for this new guy. It was only towards the day I was about to leave that I realized how amazingly we got along. Something was so electrifying between us, though nothing romantic happened. I wish I could see him again, but I'm glad to know that I at least became his friend, even if it was for a few days. Maybe that's not a stranger, but there's still so much I want to learn about him. I'm too scared to look him up, because of the fear that it was one sided. I'm not sure yet. I'll let my heart lead the way.

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I recently just got back from vacation in mexico, met perfection in my eyes, sweetest guy i've ever met. I can tell we were both loving eachother, the day when he left (i almost cried) we exchanged phone numbers and were still talking but i feel like he's my soulmate. Wish we werent so far from eachother, im willing to do whatever it takes to be with him but is he ..? Although what went on between us these are memories i'll cherish forever and will never forget.

I meet someone on an airplane in July 25, 2014. I don't know his name but I remember every second like a movie scene. I even remember exactly how he was dress... everything. It surprise me how much I think of him, so much, that sometimes hurt...strange. I hope one day to see him again :)

Same thing happened to me about a week ago. Only I have her name sort of... And the city she is from and still can't find her. It sucks... I feel like bad luck brian right now.

I have a great story but idk if I should type it or not.

My story is more like the main one. I was at a retreat for the church I go to with a bunch of other people my age (teenagers), we were there from morning til the afternoon and we went as a class. It was about 2 hrs from where I live. I went with another guy that had his mom take him, my mom also went because she knew his mom. The retreat was outside of the town of Visalia, CA. Our moms went into the town while we were at the retreat. There were 2 other classes that were going to go but we were the first ones there. I was sitting at my table with my friends eating breakfast when one of the other classes got there, I saw all the people coming in and out of the corner of my eye I saw this girl, I thought nothing of it as I couldn't see her clearly because it was from the corner of my eye, but then she passed by where I could see her and she could see me and we looked at each other and we both smiled, she sat at a table behind me and I couldn't quit thinking about her already. I kept looking over to where she was just to look at her. Then when we were finished eating we had to go sit down in chairs that were in rows, me and 2 of my friends sat down at the back right, and I was hoping she would sit close to us, but she went toward the middle. Then when the thing started we had to play a couple games, 1 was when we turned towards our partner for a reaction game, when we played that game I could see her directly and I saw her and noticed she was looking at me too, the game was fun and people were laughing but I was only smiling because I could see her, we were both smiling at each other, I could tell she liked me from there. After the game was over we sat back down while some guy talked. I was paying attention but I was also looking at her. I could see her. I she couldn't see me because she was a couple rows ahead and she had to face front. Then the guy was talking to us about something I can't remember but he was giving an example and he turned to her to ask if he could use her as an example so he asked for her name, a name that's stuck in my head that comes up even when I'm not thinking about her, "Evelyn". Now I knew her name. We went back to the tables to do some more activities and again she didn't sit nearby, she sat 2 tables away but I could see her directly. We were both just staring at each other, she was probably shy because she would look away if I stared at her directly but I could see her look when I looked away. She had the most beautiful shining dark brown eyes and I can't explain it but everything about her was perfect. I remember every feature perfectly but I can't seem to remember how she looked. I had one chance to get near her but I messed it up, I was walking with my friend around outside during our break and I saw her. She was with a group of friends. We were walking from behind and they were being teens and texting on their phones, she looked up and back and looked at me and smiled, I wanted to go talk to her but I was nervous because her friends were there. So we just kept walking. We met up with some of our other friends around the building and I wanted to go back and talk to her but I didn't have the balls. Then the break ended and we went back inside. I thought I'd have another chance to talk to her, the retreat ended and it was time to go home, I knew I messed up my chance because me and the other guy were waiting for our moms outside, but they were still about 20 min away. Then he went to the bathroom inside and I kind of needed to go to so I went back inside. When I got out she was there with her class and they were about to eat. I looked at her and smiled and then I left. I thought I'd get over her but I can't. I think about her at least twice a day, wishing I could go back and change things, every time I'm trying to remember of someone's name her comes to mind even if I'm not thinking about her. I can still remember every detail about her from the Nike running shoes she was wearing the Fresno state bulldogs sweater and her pony tail and beautiful brown eyes and lips.

This is kind of rare that i met strangers but I never thought this could ever happened to me some days ago. It was such a quick encounter that led to an amazingly great experience.

Well, here goes my story:

Alone sitting on a bench, I was at the beach in Mauritius waiting to watch peacefully the beautiful sunset but then a random blonde guy from South Africa just came to sit next to me and started to talk to me. His first words were "You are beautiful" and I felt like a kind of romance in the air, maybe because of the beautiful sunset and just a random guy who came from nowhere telling that u`re beautiful. I was also a little bit afraid as this kind of situation never happened to me. Then we carried on with the conversation and he was asking if he can kiss me, i definitely say no but, after that I did not really know what was happening to me, may be I was feeling lost or if maybe I was dreaming. At last he gave me a kiss on both cheeks and i did not feel this was the kind of a normal goodbye kiss but of an intense loving one that would forever remain as a sweet memory. When he`s gone, I knew I would never meet him again as the chance of meeting him again is very low and I did not even have his contact details, poor me :P. I just hope he felt the same way as I was felt at that time.

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Im searching for a girl that was on holiday in Tunisia in the month July in hotel Samira Club

Walking almost everyday with her sister,
1,64 meter long
Brown hair

More information: Sister has also brown hair,
They are france and have a big family.

Hideout, Croatia, 2nd July, Blonde hair, 3 second glance, Hope you read this!

Where did you saw her? :)

I'm looking for a Man who fell in love me on a Cruise I took back in 2007.....How do we look for someone that something like this happened with???

If I don't at least try to find him, I'll regret it...

It was the 7 day Mexican Riviera aboard the Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas

Specifically the week of April 15th, 2007

Is there any advice anyone can give me at all?

I know he will be looking for me and he would want me to find him......

Oh....and he is from Vancouver Canada

Same happened to me but different I had met him in Dominican Republic he was so cute I got his name because my mom asked(my mom is too outgoing)but he didn't get mine😪 but he is from Toronto Canada (my mom asked about that too.)I hope I see him again😭

He is probably looking for me because he liked me too he would always blush around me it was so cute😆

I'm looking for a boy with blue eyes he is from Canada and his name is marcel (I know by my mom asked)

I just realized that I had posted the story I honestly forgot and let me look in my contacts because I believe I have his name in there......
Oh wow, I remember now, and its been 8 years since that trip, his name was Rob! I am drawing a blank on his last name the only thing I remember about it was the last part of the name was similar to Angel and he worked on loading docks in Vancouver.

What is stuck in my mind as equal as our experience is that he told me he'd fallen in love with me after the one day & night we'd spent together.
The other profound thing he said about 3 months later was that he wanted to move to California just to be with me...move to California for me.
The last night of the cruise, after wed spent the day just talking for endless hours, he told me he'd been dealing with Cancer. It was in remission but I didn't want to spend the rest of the trip talking about something negative since he was still being highly monitored to make sure it didn't come back.

The only thing I have other than the memory of that trip is one picture I found of him online.

I just wish there were a way that one picture would allow me to find him because if ever in my life I wanted to turn back the clock that would be it I would have just gone to Vancouver instead of coming back to California had I known he had given his heart to me fully and that one single night

She had the most amazing tribal band tattoo around his upper right arm and that was sexy as hell

Oops I mean HE had the most amazing tribal band tattoo lol

So true I feel you 😭

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Wow, it feels good to find out that people go through such similar situations. I never told anyone this because I didn't want any negative feedback, but then I find this site & I feel much better. Well, here goes my story:
There was a guy in college who went to the same church as I did, and frequented some of the same events. I always felt a strong connection towards him. Although we did not know one another, whenever we would see one another on campus or at church, we always locked eyes. I can tell had a good heart. There was this subtle smile and look that he would give me. Now years have past, and I've been out of college for 5 years, but I still think about him often. I know that he's on social media sites, but I don't want to seem awkward being as though we never met and years have past. We both seem to be doing pretty well for ourselves. I'm not sure if he's dating anyone, but I just recently ended my 3 year relationship a few months ago. I don't know why I've always had him on my mind. I just feel like we're meant to be kindred spirits.

What a sweet memory....There are always good things in everything, even for ones we cannot get...If you said 'hi' and had (although just) a small talk, you might have her...or at least you two befriended. and that's good.

Since you didn't, the good thing is that you have the sweet memory for the rest of your life. what makes it sweet? it is because you place her as your dream. it stands like a hope; something becomes interesting because it remains a mystery to us... good for you to have such kind of feeling...

What a nice and true love story, started during your travel! Out of passion for travelling, we started a website meant for and created by backpackers. We’re looking for travellers with a love story, like you! Would you like to write a short story about your fling you met during your trip? You can contact us any time at backpackersontrack@hotmail, also to get more information. We’d love to hear from you.

this actually happened to me 3 days ago. i met a guy on omegle in a funny way. he was pretending to be a box and i just kind of really thought it was funny and we chatted for an hour i guess until i felt really comfortable that hes nice and not up to something dirty that i hate. so i gave him my skype and we chatted there that night just talking and annoying ourselves. and i would really say hes beyond nice and we are similar in a way and let me just tell you that we're both shy in person but we were just cool that time. so anyway, we chatted again for hours the night after. but skype started **ck*ng things up. like the messages wouldnt send and always says "not delivered yet" even though i already sent them minutes ago. so our convo ended there. and it was the 2nd time skype screwed it up. but i really looked forward for another chat the other day which is halloween but we didnt get to meet and i waited way too long that i didnt get much sleep. i thought maybe it was bcos he was at the party the other night thats why he couldnt go online but i just kept waiting until now but he never really come back on skype. i assume maybe he couldnt send messages too like what happened to me but i made a new skype and tried adding him and hes not confirming it. worst thing is that he has no facebook, twitter, or any other account on the internet for me to contact him. that made me really sad and depressed and upset as heck especially bcos i think i like him. it took me hours of overthinking and bunch of butterflies in da stomach and too much nervousness for me to realize that i do like him that way and in the back of my mind i know he does too. i saw it the way he talked to me. but now im near to giving up waiting. maybe we wont get to chat ever again. whatever is the reason of this inconviniece, i hope that one day i'll hear that familiar beep on skype and see that he came back. i should stop expecting things though. it makes me really depressed.

Hey everyone! Author of the story here. I can't believe this is still getting responses to this day. I remember writing this in 2007. It's 2013. Quite amazing that so many people have shared similar experiences. These great mysteries that we have endured is what makes this life so unique. Not a big fan of Drake, but he may be right, you only live once. Enjoy it.

Before you read, be warned I'm tired as **** as I'm writing this and i cannot guarantee that my wall of text is understandable and my point was made clear. I may take myself some time to rework this when i'm a little bit more sane. If you decide to keep reading it though i hope you enjoy it :).

It's been more than four years now, that this story was posted and still there are new replies coming up. Amazing! I just recently had such an event too, but i'm not writing here to talk about what happened to me, since it was happening to you aswell I guess. I'd rather suggest a reason why we are falling for people, we might not see again.

As mentioned in many replies to this experience, people have met the object of interest while being on vacation. In my opinion, this is the exact reason for having those events. On vacation most people are cut off their all day life. No friends to be busy with, no work, no TV, no internet no such stuff. So what happens with us on vacation? Exactly! We become more aware of our surroundings and have increased interest in things on vacation. Since there are many diffrent people with you in the same place(e.g. a hotel, pension or else) in the exact same situation there's a higher chance that two persons meet, that are interested in each other. People are literally seeking contact to others on vacation. Most people that described their event also said they're shy persons. Thats why we seek for eye contact. As we are not distracted by other things like all-day-stuff we realize this even more and the connection is 'established'. But because we are shy persons we don't have the guts to spit it out.

Let's take me as an example. As informatician and gamer i'm pretty much busy with my stuff 24/7. I work hard and spend a lot time with my pretty limited amount of friends. But when i'm on vacation, I don't have to care about work or my friends actually. I've got more time to be interested in other things. Such as finding a partner. The moment you are absolutely relaxed on your vacation is the one you will see that lady/guy and you think 'wow'. Your mind kinda goes crazy and freaks out about what you just witnessed. You imagine how it could be when and if and then. Your focus is completely on the object of interest and you notice everything it does. You realize the signs given by him/her. Those signs are often overseen in our busy non-vacational life.

Be a little bit more aware of the people in your life and you will find more persons, which have this magical connection to you.

Alright I hope you got my point, because I got the feeling i messed up declaring what i actually wanted. It's 4am I'm tired as ****, but i wanted to kinda unburden my soul of this.

Hey, this is awesome. Never thought about this. Thanks for reading.

OMG the same thing happened to me except I have a picture of the guy!
So heres the story:
Aug 20 was my bday and i went to france with my friends; we went at this club and I met this guy who i had strong intense connection with (we're the same age 18) but anyways he was tall, handsome and very down-to-earth. We talked a couple of times but i never got his name b/c the music was too loud at the club. Later that night we kissed and STUPIDLY I RAN AWAY b/c i was so scared.
After that i left the club with my friends :( and i never asked for his number or anything like that.
All i have is a picture of him! And to this day i regret every moment of it! I wonder if i could search him using only a picture..that would be great :(

This is making me really depressed guys..

A picture will last forever if you want it to. Trust me when I say these mysteries is what makes life so unique.

Hey at least you have a photo I have nothing lol😭

Same thing happened when I was on a cruise, except i hung out with this guy all week and when it was time to go, we were devastated. We keep in touch, though.

That's great! I'm glad you are able to stay in touch.

What a nice and true love story, started during your travel! Out of passion for travelling, we started a website meant for and created by backpackers. We’re looking for travellers with a love story, like you! Would you like to write a short story about your fling you met during your trip? You can contact us any time at backpackersontrack@hotmail, also to get more information. We’d love to hear from you.

A similar situation happened to me last October during my brief trip to New York City. It was a Friday, and I was exploring Manhattan with one of my girlfriends. It was close to 2 am, and at this point we had no idea what bars were still open. We decided to go with our gut instincts and follow a few people that looked like they were heading to a party. Somehow we end up at 1Oak, and lined up behind a never-ending crowd of drunk people in costumes (it was Halloween weekend). That's when I meet *him*. Tall guy, with dark(ish) blonde shaggy hair , and an intriguing smile. Long story short, I felt an instant connection during our half-hr conversation - rare, if you ask me, for an encounter this brief. After what seemed to be an hr of waiting, my friend began growing restless. He, who I only know by the name James Thomas (Thomas being his middle name, as he distinctly specified) went to meet with his brother and friends for a cigarette break in front of club. Thats' when me and my friend decided to leave and head back to the hotel and boy have I mentally kicked myself for not asking for his phone number that night. My friend also looks back on that night and has repeatedly reminded me that she has never seen two people click the way we had. If you ever feel a connection similar to mine or any of the stories you've read, don't be a chicken and just go for it. The worst that could happen is realizing that person wasn't anything special after all. Lesson learned for the future.

Thanks for sharing. Love New York. Great nightlife. Probably could never live there, though.

What a nice and true love story, started during your travel! Out of passion for travelling, we started a website meant for and created by backpackers. We’re looking for travellers with a love story, like you! Would you like to write a short story about your fling you met during your trip? You can contact us any time at backpackersontrack@hotmail, also to get more information. We’d love to hear from you.

Just experienced something like this hours ago and for some reason I need to vent this out of my head. I'm on vacation thousands of miles from home when I spot this girl with a demeanor that just had me sprung. I was waiting in the food court at a casino for my relatives to finish gambling when this girl and her disabled grandmother or mother stand in line to order some food. My eyes immediately locked on to her and had me mesmerized by how she carried herself all while taking care of her disabled grandmother at a casino just the two of them. My eyes followed until she took a seat far opposite from me where I couldn't see her no more. Now I don't know if she knew I was eyeing her and wanted to sit comfortably from someone staring but, this is where it gets interesting. The moment my relatives arrived and got food for themselves the girl came back into view and began cleaning her and her grandmothers trash. Again my eyes couldn't look away till she walked past behind me where I would have to turn around to still see her. By then I thought it was a lost cause. Moments after she had left the food court and left my view I see her return to the same place she ordered food but, this time she came by herself. Now I thought nothing of It until she turned her head and glanced at me not once but twice while she was waiting for her order of some desert smoothie. Meeting back with her grandmother soon after. It wasn't until she was gone did I realize that that was a red flag that I missed and regrettably so. I didn't care if I would never see her again I just regret not taking the risk of just starting a conversation and possibly getting a number to just talk since I leave the next day knowing I would never see her. I was beating myself up hours after for not having the balls to do something after the slightest flag had been raised. From this day on I'm going to stop thinking about what if and balls up to take the risk I've never done and turn a new page in my life. I turn 22 tomorrow and for the first time in my life have I seen a girl who's been caught on my radar just by her demeanor of how she carried herself and cared for her disabled elder. I'm still beating myself up this moment for not taking the chance I'll ever have for the first girl I've ever actually been attracted to since elementary. But I know I'll learn from this and will forever say to myself to take the risk and never think "what if..." And just take action.

Same thing happened to me when I was on a cruise. I met a girl from Argentina in a club on the cruise and she was my first kiss ever. She told me her name but I forgot and I know I will never see her again. It made me feel depressed for weeks and is even making me feel sad now.

Regret is based on the assumption that things would have turned out better "if only...."
If the two of you had so much as spoken to each other, you might have discovered that you were repelled by the sound of her voice, the odor of her breath, even her accent. We can't know these things. Perhaps your regret moved you to take the action necessary to be in your present happy relationship. :)

Haha, you are very much right. Very funny way to look at things. I appreciate your read.

Ok well my story happened less than a week ago. However, I was at a summer camp not on a vacation. A summer camp at the University of Illnois for swimming to be exact. The camp lasted five days and there was this girl that I began to talk to on the third night. I noticed her since day one of course. She was this beautiful blonde (normally I dont like blondes but she is an exception by far). I can't explain how I felt for her, but if you have experienced love Im sure you know what I mean. We flirted back and forth alot but never got much farther than that. Her name was Caitlyn with a C not a K. She said Caitlyn with a K was a nasty way of screwing up such a beautiful name or something like that I cant remember that well. The fact is I cannot stop thinking about her. I dont know if I will ever forget her. The sad thing is I left before I got her last name and I am stuck with no way of contacting her. The funny thing is I know the full name of one of the girls she was with Maggie Price, and I know her cousins first name Maddie. Before I went to summer camp I was begining to think that all girls were the same. Then I met her and she just blew my mind. Hell I didn't even get to say goodbye. Ive learned my lesson though i will act out every situation and leave no stones unturned so I never have to feel like this again. To all reading this do not make the same mistake I did. The night before I left i laid in my bed thinking gee i am going to miss this girl. I knew I would. All I know is that if we were meant to be together we will meet again. All I can do is hope that maybe she will go to the same camp again next year. I know i will be disappointed if she does not. Again my advice is to leave no stone unturned in life mates.James

I fell in love with a boy on a cruise,we never spoke just had a instant connection that was 4 years ago now and i still think of him :(

What a nice and true love story, started during your travel! Out of passion for travelling, we started a website meant for and created by backpackers. We’re looking for travellers with a love story, like you! Would you like to write a short story about your fling you met during your trip? You can contact us any time at backpackersontrack@hotmail, also to get more information. We’d love to hear from you.

I will never advice to change that story by introducing yourself etc. then the mistry will be gone. These are the treasures of our memory box that keep us happy and hopeful.

I like this, a lot. As I've said in previous replies to others, these mysteries is what makes life so unique.

and interesting and thrilling

naymegoeshere?-My story is the same as yours... Now I'm back with my x and I wil NEVER see this guy again,because of the distance... ....

Similar situation happened to me, but it hasn't been that long since it happened. It was about 2 months ago at a concert. I started dancing with this beautiful, blond girl. Her looks and body were perfect for my standards. We dance and got into it for a while and then we talked for a little. She goes to a school which is about 20 mins from where I live. I asked her her name but the music was too loud and I couldnt really hear it. It started with a D, i know that for sure. At the time i didnt care because I knew i wouldnt see this girl again. It was after the concert that i realized how good of a time i had with her and how cool and nice she seemed. Sadly, I didnt know her name, just the school she goes to. Now I cant find her on a site like FaceBook for example. And just like you, I have a girlfriend now that i really. But its just the mystery that haunts me and i feel like it will haunt me for years, and just because i cant remember her name.

Great story, I met a girl in a holiday park on the second day and we spent the rest of the holiday togethre and became quite close. There was something so special about this girl, she was beautiful, and at first quite shy but in the cutest way possible.

After the holiday ended we said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways but agreed to keep in touch.2 years down the line whenever I see a picture of her or hear her voice, my heart does somersaults.

I am under no illusions that I am completely in love with this girl, I've nevet felt like this about any other girl, and hope against hope that one day our distance barrier will cease to exist.

Love ya Kelly.

What a nice and true love story, started during your travel! Out of passion for travelling, we started a website meant for and created by backpackers. We’re looking for travellers with a love story, like you! Would you like to write a short story about your fling you met during your trip? You can contact us any time at backpackersontrack@hotmail, also to get more information. We’d love to hear from you.

damn man, same thing happened to me literally 2 days ago. i was on a cruise i saw this girl with her mother. every night i would see her when we played trivia, same with you i never talked to her but i noticed her looking and smiling at me. i would also smile at her. but i never got her name. or any contact details. i haven't cried in years but when i thought of her today i burst into tears. i think i really liked her because she she seemed really really cute and innocent. most other girls on the ship were kind of slutty. if i could go back i would definitively talk to her. but that's to late now. i have no chance of ever seeing her again, i just need to forget about her. but that's will the most difficult thing i have ever done i think. clearly many other people have experienced this though. next few days will be tough :(

This happened to me

this happened 3 days ago and if anyone can please help before it's to late i only have until this monday maybe its similar to his story only we may be a few hours appart or a whole state apart she found me funny but because we were with our parents and i was with my cousins as well we did nothing about it she has broken me and i dont enjoy anything anymore i dont even like a girl i used to like she was like a young model and she was my age or maybe a year or few months older dunno please HELP!!!?

i totally agree with you because i felt the exact same thing, and as a really shy girl, i just regret not speaking to him...the memory is clear as day even though its been years ago):

It's depressing when you never get to see the girl ever again, I was a best buy with when my parents where at the counter by something and she was a the next and I turned around looking around and she caught my eye and I have a small smile and she blushed she was a beautiful blonde and her eyes were unspeakable. Looking into her eyes I felt that I knew her and I think she felt the same I felt the connection and as she was leaving I can tell she wanted to talk. I did to but she was being told to leave. I now believe in love at first sight. I regret not getting her number but it only lasted about 15 seconds, I wish I had only another single minute

This has happened to me today 😞

This has absolutely happened to me. At least twice that I can think of off the top of my head. That being said, it is easier for me to accept that these instances may have been lust rather than love, because true love should not come twice in a lifetime, or so Disney has led us to believe.

The first instance was on a cruise to The Bahamas with my family when I was 17. I spent the first night in the under 18 dance club on the ship and had an instant connection with a beautiful brunette, which surprised me because I definitely prefer blondes. I was so infatuated with her, and me being me, I had to go talk to her. We hit it off instantly and spent the rest of the cruise week together whenever we were not with our families. I came to find out she lived over 1,000 miles away from me and we accepted we would never see each other again but decided to exchange numbers even so. Thanks to Facebook I have been able to contact her since the cruise and have learned more about her personality than I maybe would have cared to.

The second instance was at a concert. THE most beautiful girl I had ever seen was called over to the side of the audience area to be on camera while they introduced the next act. When I saw her face on the big screen I knew I had to have her. I have a disgusting amount of confidence and so I did not hesitate to make my presence known to her. I told her I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and asked for her name. She responded with a smile and her phone number. I texted her for weeks and we found out we only lived 2 hours apart. We grew together like great friends over the next couple of months until one day we both decided to share a big secret. I had lied about my age and she... had 1 child and another on the way. As I found out more about her I was slowly able to let go and accept that the love of my life is probably not a teen mom.

I think the lesson is this: closure is key. When you fall in "love" (lust) at first sight, or become infatuated with someone, do everything you can to get to know them on a more personal level. It's easy to fall in love with someone's physical appearance because we assume that they are perfect in every way. It is much easier to let go when you get to know them and their lack of perfection brings you back to Earth. Hope this helps.


I thought it was just me who goes through this horrible experience, it is nice to know I am not alone. I have had this same experience a few times in my life and it sucks. I got home two days ago after two weeks in Orlando, Florida. I was instantly depressed because I was back in the UK after a fantastic holiday and I missed a girl, I virtually know nothing about her but she is always on my mind. She works at a Chili's restaurant in Davenport, She is what you would call a host, takes you to your seat etc. She was beautiful with long golden brunette hair, olive skin and a petit body. She seemed very sweet, always smiling and polite. I guess she had to be because of her job but thats is besides the point. I remember saying to myself on the flight out to not get attached to women on holiday because it never goes well for me. So far I was sticking to that, I liked her straight away but put her to the back of my mind because I didn't want to be hung up on her after I left the restaurant. So far all is good, I find myself at the Chili's again a few days later and there she is again, welcoming me to the restaurant, we spoke for no more than a minute, my family was lagging behind so I had a great oppurtunity. I was watching her work every now and then and before I knew it I had fallen for her. I walk out of the restaurant in total lust of her being, it was an extremely intense feeling. I couldn't wait to go back and talk to her again, a few days later I did. I was determined to beat my family into the restaurant so I could speak with her again for a bit before we were seated. I had no chance my family were hot on my heels and she was busy, with other customers. When she was free and ackowledged us, I saw the same smile I had come to love. She was polite as always but It didn't seem like she recognised me, It didn't bother me too much because, I was going to speak to her before I left I was determined to. When we had finished and were leaving she was nowhere to be found, I hung around for a bit, but I could not see her anywhere. So I left, my Dad seemed to know what was going on because he said "Don't worry son, we'll be back".<br />
<br />
We went back three more times and I never saw her again. It was really sad to leave and not even know her name, or have any way of contacting her. I can contact the restaurant (business card haha) and ask about her but that seems extreme. I won't forget her smile or the sound of her voice in the near future that's for sure.<br />
I hope writing this down helps me move on a bit quicker, because I am not enjoying this feeling. I have learnt a few things from this experience. ONE always take your chances with a girl when you have the chance and TWO who cares if you look like a fool. I will most definitely never see her again and that makes me feel sad, all I had to do was open my mouth when I had the chance and things could have been a lot different.

Hey guys something like this happened to me about a week ago when I was about to go off for vacation on a group tour. It was a Friday and I was walking around in the airport, trying to find my tour leader, whom I have never seen before. I was kind of rushing for some reason. And that's when I saw him. It was like getting hit by a strong feeling, a feeling of happiness, that you wouldn't ever want to stop staring into his eyes and that nothing else mattered anymore. Love at first sight. I was so overwhelmed I stopped in my tracks and almost fell backwards. Luckily my family didn't notice. I composed myself quickly and continued walking. It turns out that the guy I saw WAS my tour leader. I was kinda panicky but apparently it was not noticeable as he just said hey and was smiling. Ah that smile. :) For the rest of time after that on the plane I was smiling too. He instantly made my trip better and made my day. Then came the end of the trip which was last Saturday. I had forgotten that this trip would probably be the one and only time that I could ever see and hang out with him and let myself get attached to him. I cried so much that day. And when he asked why I was crying, all I could do was smile. Then we finally arrived home and exchanged goodbye and wished each other good luck. <br />
I am currently waiting for him to send us the photos he had taken during the trip as he was also the photographer. I didn't get his facebook or anything because, even if I did and got it it would be weird chatting with him 'cause there's this age gap between us, about a few years. All I can do now is hope that it won't last or that we would somehow cross paths one again. The weirdest part of all this was that we were two totally different people. He was an IT sorta guy and I'm more the sporty type. He wasn't what other people would call good looking either I guess. He was tall and squinty eyed sorta and skinny. Yet I was still attracted to him. If you think that I'm talking about you just reply back. Thanks for reading this and have a good day. :)

Ha, I hadn't realised I'd written so much.

This happened to me in Spain a few weeks ago. There was this guy that I felt a special connection with, that I think I fell in love with, or just developed a deep infactuation for. I first saw him at the beachy area near my hotel. I was with my mum and brother so it was hard for me to look at him, because it would be awkward if my mum was looking at me while I was looking at him haha, especially since he was a bit older. He smiled but I think he's one of those people that just carries a smile around with them everywhere. I think that's what drew me to him. <br />
<br />
After that, I kept thinking about him and trying to figure out exactly what it was that he possesses that I find really really attractive, and I know exactly what it is but can't describe it in any way. A few days later we passed each other at the entrance of the hotel, and I was just stupidly happy knowing that he was in the same hotel as me. I smiled at him but not obviously, I think. He was smiling too but I don't know if it was directed towards me again. I felt like it was, but I think I'm just the type of person that sees what they want to see. He was going into the hotel and I was just leaving but I hung around outside for a bit, with my mum, and saw him walk past a couple of times. I felt like he was looking at me and that he might have liked me but I also felt that he was being too evident for that to be true, since my mum was standing right next to me if that makes sense. Maybe he liked my mum! ha just kidding. :S<br />
If he did like me though, it was strange because he was being evident but mysterious at the same time, which I find confusing, but hot haha. <br />
<br />
I'm very shy so if I were able to repeat that holiday, ba<x>sed on past experience, even though I would tell myself to be more approachable and maybe even say hi, the most I would do differently would be to smile more obviously, and probably look a bit silly.<br />
<br />
Anyway, I'm glad that I'm not the only person that this has happened to. I keep thinking about him, but there's no regret now, because I know me and I know I wouldn't actually do anything in hindsight, even though I would really badly want to. It feels good to write this all down for some reason. Maybe it's that I hope that against all odds, he'll be reading this.

Same thing happened to me I just got off a cruise but I met a guy from holland and I cant stop thinking about him I only got to spend about 20 minutes with him but I wish those moments could've last forever :(

Wow this is unbelievable i had the same 4 days ago in mexico.<br />
Wow i knew i had senses but after i meeted her it was like i could sense her even if she was at the other side of the hotel. <br />
We"ve still got contact i got her number facebook everything. But somehow i think she keeps reacting if she has mercy or someting like that, because i have to ask her someting , she answers .. End :&<br />
<br />
But we were having so much fun at the hotel . Its like suddenly gone or something ahh well ive learned more in these 14 days in mexico then the other 351 days<br />
<br />
Be positive right? ;)

wow same thing happened to me. i was on a cruise to alaska the first day I noticed this beautiful girl at the gym and we exchanged smiles. I knew that it would be crazy to chase after a girl while on a vacation. I saw her twice more and every time I couldnt bring myself to go up to her. I dont know why, Im not a shy person. on the last day i was in the elevator and she got in and right as i got the confidence to say something the elevator got to her floor and she got out. I got back almost a month ago and i cant get her out of my mind. I wish i had gotten her name/ facebok to at least talk to her or see her again.

Similar experience... Your advice really helped me out, thank you very much for sharing this and for the advice. I just met a girl yesterday in Belgium ( on vacation ) and I couldn't sleep after we both gave each other weird looks as if we both were meant for each other.. She was really cute as well as being in the same age group.. I couldn't stop thinking about her and thoughts kept popping up in my head "Does she like me? Is she thinking about me like I am about her?" And it actually happened at a theme park as I was waiting to get on a ride that she was coming off from.. I couldn't take my eyes off her after she looked at me 2 times and walked away to get on another ride.. She looked at me again before we both knew that we would probably never see each other again and that's when she stole my heart.

The worst that can happen is that you fall in love with the girl while on vacation and she lives in another country. You guys have a great time for a few days, and then when you leave you both know that there is a good chance you will never see her again, and if so it'll be in years, you'll both find someone else you like. You'll feel heartbroken for weeks. Like me :(. What you described about everything your eyes met you felt a connection was the same for me. We still keep in contact but I think about her so much, and how our relationship probably wont work out.

Similar experience, I stayed in Mallorca for a week and met plenty of friends, one of which was Belgium so he could speak french. The second day there I was in the restaurant at the hotel and my friend pointed out that there was a rather cute girl, in a green shirt looking at me from across the room( he also mentioned she was previously looking at me in the bar) so through out the holiday in the last six days whenever I seen her I would smile at her and always smiled back and sometimes she would spie on me, so my and my friend refere to her as 'the green top girl' everytime I seen her I tried to talk to her but she was constantly around her amyl so it would have been awkward and I didn't even know what language she spoke!<br />
<br />
The last three days I spend most of te time trying to find her, and it was only the last day I found her room number I would've knocked but I ha never even spoke to her before and I kinda had to stalk her there(weird i know) last day half an hour before I was leaving my friend found out she was french and we finally got tj chance to speak to her, it all happened so fast he asked her sister if they spoke French and she said yes and straight away I seen 'the green top girl's <br />
Face go bright red and I could tell she likes me, he then told her I was interested by her and her sister asked why he was speaking and he said I didn't speak good French so he was my voice an at that moment she broke me hert and told me it was dead then and it turned awkward and the left I didnt even catch her name and I feel useless and heart broken.... Is sound ridiculous but is there anyway I could find her again? I don't believe in fate or destiny but I sure as he'll wouldn't mind it now please help :/ 3

It offers some relief to me knowing that i'm not the only person who goes through these strange holiday infatuations.

hi blonde girl with red bikini that shared smiles with me yestetday in Croatia I want to meet you again <br />
leave a reply so I see your beautiful face again

Where were you exactly in Croatia and where are you from? :)
I'm looking for someone too, but I doubt i will ever find him again :/

Guy,ur deeply inluv

man bro i know ur feeling... i was at ocean city 2 days a go. i went to eat at this place call the dough roller and when i saw our waitress, my heart stop. she was amazing, she had everything. she was pretty and everything. i got a hug from her and thats it im pissed at myself that i didnt get # or facebook or even her name, i hope i see her again when i go back to OC

Hey everyone, thanks for sharing your stories. I read most of the comments above. I think I'm a little older than most of you (I'm in my mid-twenties). I think the experiences are necessary and a learning experience. When I was a teenager this happened to me while on vacation with family. I couldn't stop thinking about a very attractive girl that I saw and exchanges smiles. I felt regret for not saying anything or exchanging contact information with a very attractive girl. From that day on I knew how important it was to do something/speak up if there is a mutual attraction like that - ask for her name/contact info/ask if she's/ he's on facebook. So when I was on vacation 2 years ago and exchanged smiles with a very beautiful girl and knowing the pain I would go through if I didn't give it a shot I didn't make the same mistake..... we exchanged contact info; although we are now in another dilemma - we have a lot in common, are both really attracted to one another and I think would be very compatible but we live 500 miles apart. So we have each others info but I'm not sure how to proceed (even though it's been a couple years, we're both still very interested just unsure how to move ahead.....If you have any suggestions pleeeaaase let me know.

If you're willing to take the risk of getting hurt, do it.

I know exactly how you feel, I went on holiday with my parents and my younger brother to Tenerife in October in 2010, I was 15 then. My name is Zoe and i have blonde hair and average size. when i was sitting by the pool I noticed this blonde cute guy about my age sitting opposite the pool with his mum, dad, gran and younger sister (I believe). i never spoke to him (i regret that now but i was very shy back then). i was on holiday for a week and i could not keep my eyes of him. Every time i saw him, passed him i always looked into his eyes and smiled wishing deep down he would notice me, i wish i could have got to know him. all i know is that he is called Daniel as i noticed his younger sister was calling him that. I belive he is from England (im from south wales). i have never had a boyfriend as i i want to wish he would turn up in to my life someday. This is my story and I belive he is my soul mate and i hope one day i we will find each other. On the last night of my holiday my family and his were at this little bar in the resort outside. I noticed him the second we got there he was wearing this lush light blue checkered shirt. I kept similing at him and just once our eyes met and i was just wishing he knew how i felt. as the night drew to an end we passed each other no longer than 2 feet apart and my heart was racing. i was so close yet so far. If a Daniel out there thinks this is him im talking about then please reply i only want to know if you felt something too. im 16 now and i cant stop thinking about what could be even though it was 2years ago.

Before i saw this post, i was naive and sad thinking that i am the only one experiencing this. I am asian and not long before, i went on a vacation to korea. Our tour guide was like fourty plus years old and i would certainly not talk about him. Its that korean photographer that attracted me . I think he is about 19-22years old. I do not know why, the momment i saw him, i feel a special connection. Every small movement i did was to capture his attention. Every morning of the vacation, i was looking foward to meet him. He is tall, cute, a little handsome and with small korean eyes. I was very sad on my last day in seoul because i know that once i board the plane to jeju island, i will not meet him again unless there is fate. I manage to take a picture with him and know his name . At the gate to jeju, i feel like i am going to cry, but i hold back my tears, i said bye to him and he said bye back. I wonder if i did leave an impression on him?. Maybe he already forgotten about me.<br />
<br />
I thought that my tour leader and that photographer was in the same company so i still had a little hope that she woukd know how to contact him or whatsoever. But, to my dissapointment, she doesnt know as they do not belong to the same company. He is only in charge of taking pictures of our trip and sell to us. My tour leader helped me asked another female tour guide who was in charge of introducing jeju island to us . But that female tour guide also have no idea how to contact him. Now that i am back to my own country, i tried searching his name on facebook but his picture did not appear, only bunch of people with the same korean name as him. I really regretted not asking hm for his contact information and deceiving myself that i could surely find hm on facebook. Well, ut i believe that there would be some regrets in life, and our goal is to leran from it. Now that i think about my situation, i feel that i am a little silly. Why be sad over a guy whom u do not know much about when there is so many things in life worth for u to strive for. But my advice for all the girls and boys out there is that, if u see someone who arouse ur intrest, do not be afraid or shy to ask for their contact information(but pls dont do that in front of your parents,wrong move!), because u may never meet them again, it is good to make new friends, without having any intimate relationship between u two. This is a beautiful regret in my life and i will learn from it. I know that feeling of departure is painful, but trust me, there would be a new guy coming along, entering ur life making ur cheeks blush again. And u would think back and laugh at this expereience:) all i can do is to wish that photographer happiness, and prosperity in his life. Kwon jae hwan also knwon as 권재환 is his name. Bye bye! And be happy always. If there is fate, i hope we meet again. But not when i am old!!!!!

wow, exactly the same thing happened to me two months ago, a trip to bulgaria at a nice hotel. I overheard that she was from the same country as me aswell, we made eye contact, smiles and all that. She arrived to the hotel when i only had two days left. The last night, I was out on my balcony watching over the ocean, and i turned my head and I saw her from a long distance looking up at my balcony. It was like 700 rooms and she was looking at mine. I told myself ill never going to see her again unless i do something, but still i didn't have the guts. All im thinking of now is that i should have waved at her, telling her to meet me somewhere. <br />
<br />
I was angry at myself and went in to grab a coffee, and when i got out she was gone. And that was the last time i saw her. <br />
<br />
It made my vacation so much better, but yet so painful.<br />
<br />
I totally regret this, and im still thinking about her now and then.<br />
I just wish that I got hold of her name so i could of add her on facebook or whatever.<br />
<br />
Cheers and good luck all!

I cantbelieve I am reading this. I have 2 more days left on my vacation and feel i have fallen for this girl. Every time i think of her i justgo crazy and i just cant stop thinking sbout her. I need to talk to her, i just have to after reading this stuff its just waiting for the right time is so hard. I cant pass the opportunity and live in regret, she only lives like 2 hours from me and even said she has family she visits all the time like 10 mins from me. I just have to do this

I'm undergoing a similar experience right now and it only happened a few days ago, it's so difficult to go through! This painful curiosity about the girl that I met seems to be everlasting. It made me write my own lengthy story/experience here. I couldn't keep it all in myself, and I didn't want to forget the moment also, so I had to express it out somewhere!

Something like this happend to me recently. And I absolutey understand what all of you guys have experienced. With me I need help deciding whether I should completely forget about her because whenever I think about her I feel sad because I know I will never see her again or to always remember her, which is very easy because I can't stop thinking about her. Any suggestion?

I had similar experience but I believe that I am going to meet her again and do what I was not able to do.

man i know how you feel man.. the samething happened to me.. I can't forget about it...

How has everything been since you've seen this person, everyone? It's been almost four years since I've seen this girl and the image of her is slowly fading, but the memory isn't. I've recently found a girl that I'm happy with (although we aren't "official") and after this semester, I will be a senior in college.

Where you see the girl?

Wow!! Truly, love happens, when you least expect it. It's just too cute to imagine how one meeting, can last a lifetime and then you go on with your lives, wondering if the other one was going through the same torments or regrets you're having.. I can understand the regrets, but I think you guys are more than lucky enough, to have had that very rare experience of a lifetime.., I wish I'll have one like that in the future.. ((((HUGs))))))

I'm stoked you all can relate to my story. I wrote this a year and a half ago. I saw this girl for the first and last time almost four years ago. To this day, I still regret not saying a word to her.<br />
<br />
AneArby, Tayyloraaaa, and OohTheEvie - It sucks at first. You see this amazing person that you know there is an instant connection with. Words don't have to explain how you know, you just know. To this day, I regret not saying a word to her. When I said that was one of the only regrets I've had in my life (by not saying a word to her), I meant it. I regret it. But, with it being so far in the past, I'll think about it here and there, and just smile... like right now. It'll get better.

I can totally relate as well! I just got back from a cruise where I totally fell in love with one of the break dancers that worked on the ship. I only saw him about 3 times that week. He noticed me twice and smiled at me the last night I was there yet he never came to talk to me. Since I've been home I can't stop thinking about this guy. It makes me really sad and brings me to tears to think I will never see him again. I know it sounds crazy but i'm having a really hard time getting passed this ::sigh::

i can relate to this so much, two days ago i was at mrytle beach and there was an amazing guy he was very hot and had a taylor lautner body in my hotel... i caught him starring at me many of times while i was tanning and swimming, he smiled at me and i smiled back, i remember him so vividly, i never spoke to him and im really regret that because he seemed so perfect not like the other obnoxious guys back home, i will probally always remember him and not speaking to him is one of the BIGGEST mistakes of my life:( im trying to get back to reality and forget about it but i can't.

god, i know how this feels like.

It definitely is an experience that I looked at long afterwards and told myself, "I may never see the girl I fell for again, but it's something I can learn from." The things left unsaid in life tend to be the most regretful. I've been working on saying what's on my mind, especially when it comes to girls. It's worked to an extent, but nothing that's made me completely happy.<br />
<br />
If I was to ever see her again, my life would be so much brighter. I know it's naive of me to think this, but there was an instant connection without any words said. I'm convinced something more was likely to happen had I introduced myself and said something other than an exchange of smiles that may never be seen between two people again.<br />
<br />
I was a recently graduated senior in high school and I am not a sophomore in college, about to be a junior... I have yet to forget about her. I don't think about her constantly, but a couple times every blue moon, she'll cross my mind...

Lovely story, thanks for sharing. maybe it was the experience that you should learn take a step insteed of stay at silence... who knows, maybe sometime in somewhere you will meet with her... Good luck ;)