Teenage Love Affair

My story starts back when I was only 13 years old. My mother, a year after having a nervous breakdown, decided she didn't want to be with my father anymore...so she packed her bags and moved my 2 older brothers and her to another state. I was devestated. It was just me and  my little sister that was left to be raised by my father who, at the time, said he wanted to have us...but he was always gone. Partying, drinking, and staying out all night with other women. I raised my younger sister, and...I had really low self-esteem problems, always getting picked on at school and such. The day I decided I was going to go through with the suicide plan, this boy (lets call him Mark) at my church, took a huge interesting in me. The first time a boy ever flirted with me, even paid attention to me in any kind of way, I was perplexed. Time went on and we grew up, and throughout 3 years we talked, made out, hung out together, everyone thought we were a couple...but we weren't. He had his girlfriends, and I had my boyfriends, but when we were together it was like it was just us and nobody else. I left for a year and a half and never told him until the day before I left. We lost contact...after 8 months I got out of school and I moved with my mom, in a different state. We talked when I was down there and he told me how much he missed me and truthfully, I missed him too. I came back January of 2004, but he had a girlfriend when I came back, so I got a boyfriend. We were intimate for the first time ever 4 years after we first started talking and then again a month later. Five months after that I met my husband and moved in with him, 4 months after that I got pregnant with my oldest daughter...I got pregnant again and got married...I lost touch with Mark and I figured he had moved on until he found me on myspace. We talked and pictures were exchanged and my husband and his wife found them and the messeges saying how much we missed each other last year, and we stopped talking for a while after that, but...we have this strange attraction to each other, and he wrote me on yahoo messenger and we started talking again. This past September we cheated on our spouses with each other, and then he lost touch with me because my phone got turned off, and he is in the Navy, so he had to go overseas. This past February he told me he loved me for the first time and just last week he told me he missed me so much. I am still in love with him, but I am married, and he is married. I never thought I would be the woman that would be considered "the other woman" in a man's marriage, but here I am. Joining this group because I loved a boy that turned into a man that is married. I just don't know what to do. Any advice would be welcomed.

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u r a jerk.. u cheated on ur husband... if u really loved him why didn't u marry mark..
did u marry with ur husband just to cheat her ...
is that love... what the hell... go to hell with ur so called love

see everyone makes mistakes i know you are angry with her and what she did was really wrong but we need to just be there for her not make her feel worse

think would you want you husband to do the same thing. why not marry each other in the first place?

I think there are two sides to "the other women" stories. The thing is no one ever considers if "the other women" and the man are in love or not. And i think if people actualy knew the truth to all of these cases they wouldnt judge the same everytime. So i think if u rlly love him and he rlly loves u then i dont think anyone should come between love. So u decide who u love more your husband or "mark" then u continue and also have mark do the same.

be happy

iam going to be blunt.<br />
<br />
THINK. love... is just a feeling. People make a lot of mistakes going on the feeling of love. So you need to handle this situation with a logical mind. <br />
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you are cheating on your husband. that... sucks for him. seriously. how would YOU feel if he did that to you, when you were dedicated to him? imagine what would happen to ur husband if you suddenly told him uve cheated on him, and wanted to be with the other guy. hed be heartbroken. next thing you know, he's gonna show up on ep's "i'm so lonely" groups crying about this woman who CHEATED on him. And another thing. Are you sure that this friend is worth this? Do you really want a man who would be willing to lie to his wife in order to get another girl? I don't care if he LOVES you now, like i said, remember love is just an emotion. it's something that can be overcome. you need to look at his morals. is this man worth your valuable heart and dedication? or is he going to rip your heart out just like he did to his wife?

go and chase him, explain it to your husbane and childern.<br />

Before you consider anything you need to remember you are married and so Is he, you need to tell your husband the truth about your love for the other guy and be done with It. It's not fair to your husband If your heart Is not 100% with him,,,,, It seems like to me your heart belongs to the other guy not your husband..... You need to really think about your future and who you see in It, your husband or the other guy....... :)

Life is short. We all do what others expect and what we think is "right" but in the end all there is is this life. live it! be happy! Be as honest as you can and be happy. when you look back on your like what will you say how will you feel? NO REGRETS!! Children complicate things because you want them to respect you but what they ultimately respect is HONESTY. you have to be happy. be honest and be happy! be fulfilled NO REGRETS!!!