I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

I was only 10 when I met him, we were in 5th Grade, and inseparable. Best friends from the moment we agreed to do so, and went on months and months talking to each other, teasing eachother, and laughing, mostly. He was the mini Michael Jackson with a small growing aphro sort of do. He sang like a bird and made alot of friends; his humor was what made me adore him so much. Me, on the other hand, wasn't much of anything. I don't know why he chose me as a best friend, but, well, he didn't choose me at all. When we were seated across from eachother we imeadently linked. Like two magnates looking for something to cling to. Cling we did, although we fought occasionally. We mostly fought about girls. In his case, he was head-over-arse for a girl about twice his size and half his weight. She was also my friend, but she being my friend I knew she really didn't like him, and told me so. Rather unexpectedly, my best friend started having problems. He was depressed, angry, and heated when he found out his crush did not ive a thought for him. And how he found that out? Well, his most powerful source, the source no one else personally had; Me. I tried to cheer him up, and my plans failed often, though my wyry humor gave him a grin or a laugh or two. He really liked this girl. That's when I relized I like him. One day, after April while I had returned to school froma breif vacation to Flordia, I gave my female tablemates some beautiful mood necklases; each with a different symbol. It seemed my best friend was in a better mood that day, and saw the mood necklas tied around my neck. I told him I had one left, but since he was a boy he probably didn't want one. But he insisted; it was a symbol of our friendship. I had a butterfly and he had a surfboard. Long after all the other girls whom i had gave necklases to took theirs off, we were left wearing them. and he casually ignored all the questions about our matching mood necklases, I just thoroughly explained it was a gift from Flordia, and bugged all the questionable children off. But he still hurt. After countless times of trying to get his crush to admire him, he got angry and angrier again. He said that he cried. I told him he was only 11, and come my birthday, he'd soon be twelve. He had to sop washing over this girl. Of course he refused, and he refused with rage. After another solid month he submitted into the fact his crush was entirely not intrested. We were reuntited again. This time older and more recklas than ever. Me? Yes, I did submit into the fact I liked my best friend. Weeks sooner, I subbmitted into the fact that I was in love with my best friend. I'm not sure if he ever liked me back, though we tuned our seprate ways for different schools, but through emails he said that he was thinking about me countless times. I responded the same. He said he still wore the necklas, and moods were brighter than ever. What was now detached blues and browns were upbeat yellows and pinks. I responded the same. I stayed in love with him, very throughly in love with him. Depositing more and moe years, our friendship faded, but never really ended. To this day I still love him. And I tell his former crush that all the time, and she gives me her undying blessings in response. He was truly a friend I will never forget, even if he forgets me.
buttercupbaby44 buttercupbaby44
13-15, F
Aug 6, 2010