I Fell In Love With My Best Friend... <3 =$

Well people i have an issue going on with my Best Friend...  Some friend of us says that we are meat to be & the perfect couple... & since then i have been thinking & realize that i lve hin so much!! i reallly cant live without him. We know esch other sonce 7th grade now i'm in 11th grade & i really want to be more than friends but i dont know if he might like me back... He's not the hottest guy @ skul but i like him...  Do u think that i sholuld tell him my eeling or wait...??  & i got another worry i maybe think that he's gay....  sometimes he's all that fine & idk...  wht shall i do & do u have any quotes or songs 4 me...<3  Thanks!!!
Paramorell Paramorell
Aug 9, 2010