I wrote a story but somehow it deleted itself. I now don't care enough to rewrite it because everything hates me!! ARGH
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I would gladly be a friendship w you and cherish friends. Please feel free to add me. Im not mean its happeming to me too.<br />
<br />

Been there.. done this. And really, once was enough. I wish on so many ways there was a "Take Back" or redo button. The thing is.. when i write, I just write as it is then, there, in the moment. No premeditated story line. Just me, my thoughts or emotions set into motion. I have written so many confessionals, and declarations that have found oblivion from a careless hand stroke hitting next or back buttons. Argh! I hate that. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Like my spelling... lol... I am so stupid.

I'd love for you to write that story again. M curious n i want to read it. Cmon, start over, that's what life is all about. Waiting....

i'm sorry to hear that, bad days are no fun.