Silently Loving My Bestfriend

We are in the same college but we didn't know eachother. On the month of July 2011 our college organised a summer camp with limited seats,thats where i met him! After the college resumed,we exchanged numbers. We texted and after sometimes started talking on the phone. I didn't realise how time passed by talking with him. He doesn't have many friends,so he shared everything with me,i did the same and we became bestfriends. Our talks lasted for hours and hours. I didn't know why i wanted to share every little things with him. He sometimes mentioned that he likes me. Damn! I started realising that i was actually in LOVE with him. One day he ringed me and said that he is in his uncle's place nearby my locality. He said he misses me and requested me to come there too. So i went. For the first time,we were alone. *GOSH! I WAS ACTUALLY ALONE WITH MY BESTFRIEND,MY LOVE*. It was cold,he was just wearing a shirt,so i offered him my scarf. He then asked 'Can i sleep on your lap?'. I was nervous. .but said 'OK'. He slept and he kept on looking at me in the eye,so i pulled my scarf on his face so that i could avoid his gaze. My heartbeat started beating faster than the usual pace,he hugged me and held me and said 'Look at me in the eye'. I did but shyed away. He then slowly came closer and kissed me gently. I we are just friends but then i found myself loving it,but i didn't respond to his kiss. Then he said, 'There is something you should know,u must know. Are you ready to be hurt? Can you endure?'. I found myself confused and afraid..wondering what?. He said 'I like you,but the fact is that i have someone else'. These words hurt me so much,but being a brave girl. I smiled and said 'Its ok,i understand' and i hid my face n buried it on my chest. I cried silently so that he wouldn't hear me. I went way back home. And some few days were really awkward. I decided to let him go,but i just couldn't. So we are still bestfriends. We laugh,we joke(me,being a jester). He even said once 'WISH YOU WERE MINE'. Stupid guy,he doesn't even realise that, thats what i wish for everytime! But m just happy being in love with him silently,watching him,teasing him,insulting him(ofcourse for fun,he does the same). Maybe one day he will be mine!! It is said that 'if we love someone,we should set him free,if he comes back hes yours. If he doesn't,he was never meant to be yours'. All i want is for him to be happy, My BESTFRIEND!!
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

I'm in the same boat with my bestfriend I think I'm falling in love with him I get so happy when I'm with him we have so much in common and he knows it too and we've been friends since highschool and we talked about how he kinda liked me and I kindanliked him at the time I didn't want to believe it but I was with him tonight and then the whole time I wanted him to just hold me and tell me he loves me and kiss me but I could never tell him how I really feel idk I just couldn't

Aww that's such a beautiful story! I'm sorry that it hasn't worked out the way you want it to.I wish you the best and I hope you guys end up together in the future. <3