Feeling Unappreciated: Best Friends Relationship Struggles

I hate him. Tears come from my eyes as I type the words. Those words have been floating around my head since I texted him earlier today. I wonder sometimes where we go wrong.. What did I do? What did he do? I wonder if he'll ever find this story and know its about him.. We've been best friends for the past 10 years.. 3 of those years we've been officially a couple (with minor breaks in between). A relationship with your best friend is an amazing experience since you both already know so much about each other. However, you don't realize what you already know is just the tip of the iceberg. About the same size of the iceberg that caused the Titanic to sink. My point (no pun intended) is that you really can't say you know someone that well until you become more emotionally involved with them. For example, after a heated discussion regarding transportation, I learned The day after through a text message he doesn't care for me to tell him thank you. This comes off as strange since I've always said thank you to him for anything I feel deserves a thank you.. Whether that's a good dinner or going with me to a friends birthday I have always thanked him. However, I went to have dinner with his coworkers last night and they all bailed due to conflicts at work.. Not once did I receive any sort of appreciation I drove an hour to be there for him. As a backdrop he has never cared for his previous coworkers before much less has he ever invited me out with them before. I took this invite wholeheartedly and decided even if it's an hour drive I could make it just to see happy with the people who spend more time with him than I do. This plan backfired and I am left heartbroken from a big misunderstanding on what to do next, etc. he does not understand that I rather take him home than have him take 3 or more trains to get home because I had a surprise shopping bag in my trunk with a very nice messenger bag for himself and another cross body bag for his mom. I thought with the goodness in my heart that it would be easier for him to just get dropped to his car at a train station than take so many trains to get there. As ridiculous as this may seem, i drive in silence pretty much for 1.5 hours to his car because I was going against his wishes of taking a train. Upon getting to his car was another hot mess when I gave him the bags and he proceeded to bring them back to my car. Woo.. Immaturity at its best. Long story short.. I never even got a fake half hug, kiss on the cheeks, thank you.. Nothing at all since I first saw him. Now that's very unappreciative or not. His excuse as per his text message back to me? He's old fashioned and not Americanized enough to understand certain things. This comes out very strange indeed since he's been in America for 20 YEARS and I have exposed him to my thanks yous SO much over the years..His response is even more mind boggling.. He doesn't notice all the times I thank him and doesn't care for me to thank him.. What? He has definitely told me thank you in the past but I don't know why this time was different. He was upset with the world that his coworkers bailed.. Hey that's not my fault, don't take it out on me. Regardless he made my Friday evening one miserable time. This resulted in our most recent fight/breakup. I wonder sometimes if we were ever meant to be together or if we're trying to force it. He's much too stubborn and sometimes I get really fed up and think I deserve someone who will treat me with a little more heart.. Does chivalry, moreso manners, still exist? Feel free to comment on how ridiculous this story is.. I'll take it as constructive criticism.. I only wish he could as well..
RoPo88 RoPo88
May 12, 2012