Loving The Present

I just talked with him:) . We talked for 2 hours:D. Can't even remember what we talked about:P. Hmmm we became quite nostalgic,we talked about the 'KISS' we shared,but found myself blushing O__O. I don't know why i feel that he do feel a little for me:-|. I wish,he'll realise what we mean to eachother! My health is not good and he is always the one to remind me to go for treatment. He makes me forget my sickness,my sorrow. Even though he is taken,even though i know he belongs to someone else i can't help myself from falling in love. When i talked to him over the phone,i often look at myself in the mirror and find myself glowing,laughing,smiling and happy. If this is not love. .then what is it. M truly in love with my bestfriend.
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May 13, 2012