I'm Not Sure What To Do, Please Help!!!!!!

I've had a crush on this one girl since the beginning of the school year. She is just SOOOOOOO pretty. She's small, but not the smallest girl in the whole school (I'm only like 2 inches taller then her). She has a freckle above her upper lip that makes her look so cute. Her style of fashion is great. Whenever she puts on her sparkly headband she looks beautiful. It's not like she wears makeup all of the time (most days I see her she doesn't) but at time she will put some on, but not way too much. There are days where she looks so good It's hard for me to keep my eyes off of her. I sat next to her at one time in my 4th period class (sadly, she was moved). But she didn't move from my 5th period (Spanish). I've been able to talk to her sometimes, and make her laugh to. I tryed to get her to"really" notice me but I was way too quiet. I have social anxiety problems. There not too bad, but it kept me from talking to her. I was pretty much quiet throughout the whole year. I tryed to gain the courage to speak up, I really did. But I just couldn't. I just couldn't. It was SOOOOOO stressful. Thankfully my mom came to the rescue when I asked her about it (not about my love for her just about my social issues). Thanks to her I realized I wasn't such a loser, and there still was hope for me. My mom helped me gain a lot more courage (My social anxiety problems were almost gone). But I learned this news much too late. I was near the end of the school year, there just wasn't time for me to try and get her to notice me, so I gave up. Next year is 9th grade and were both going to be starting high school. There is a chance we might be in the same spanish class yet again, a very slim chance. I'm pretty sure we won't ever share a class again. I really don't know what to do. I try to forget about her and move on, but I know I'll never meet another girl like her ever! Please comment on this.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

I know how you feel man. I struggle with social anxiety too. It is the OPPOSITE of fun. I really hope you were able to get her. If not, then I want you to know that there are a lot more girls out there. Trust me. :)

i believe u should go forword and ask her out, she may say yes and she may be the one, u r asurviover,u get over your proplems and u gat amazing person _your mam_who have your back, u know how to express your self and u know wt u want, i believe u r alucky amazing person so she will be lucky to have u, ‏