I Dont Even Know What To Do.....

i met her 3 years ago, i was diffrent then. i was shy and quiet, she on the other hand was loud and dramatic. our moms were good friends. we spent time together but were never very close, until the summer before the 10th grade. we spent almost every day together. i had liked her for the past 2 years but nothing more than a crush. we became bestfriends. i fell for her and i fell hard. she had changed me into a new person. but that summer we became so close, she started talking to another guy...... it hurt, but i never told her. she soon relized that i wasnt too fond of her new beau. by the end of the summer they were together. i felt sick to my stomach. i had waited too long to tell her.i didnt think it would last long, i was wrong. they have now been going out for almost 9 months. ive done bad in school, treated my family wrong, and became a bitter person in these 9 long hard months. she called me out on not liking him a few months back. i had no answer and told her if she was happy i was. ive noticed, since then, we have been drifting. she now calls him her "bestfriend". she says she loves him, and i think he loves her. we never hang out anymore.... its killing me. all i want is her, shes fantastic, and beautiful, and everything she does is right (even when its wrong). long story short shes absolutly perfect. she has no idea how i feel. i want nothing more than to tell her. what do i do? how do i get her? please, help me. i cant take this anymore.
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

First, tell her you miss her & you'd like to meet up with her, just the two of you.<br />
Hang out with her for the day. Tell her you missed being around her.<br />
Next, explain the reason you've been moody. Be honest & brave by coming straight out & saying ''I love you & you being with him has been hurting me this whole time. I miss being around you'' followed by what you've missed about her.<br />
Compliment her. Be honest.<br />
Yes, it takes guts to admit whats hard to say, but if you dont do it, you'll think ''what if'' & you'll wish you had.

Its normal to feel that, just be brave

just tell her what you feel, or write her a song, your story is common and not very complicated, as i always say "all has a sollution", just search it and dont think in 1 or 2 options, be creative and show her how important she is for you, and tell her that you , love her, bla, bla bla, and make her feel special

thanks, i plan to do that by the end of the summer. Im terrified though.