I Really Thought It Was Real...

It's been almost two months now.. or a little over a month.. all the name calling and abuse that you have slaughtered me has led me to want to teach my heart to forget about you. You were my best friend, not a day has gone by that I have not thought about you. I have no reason to even have your name in my vocabulary but for some reason... I feel as if I just don't want to let you go. I miss you a lot... I miss the laughter and I miss the adventures, looking back now it is just hard to think that any of it was real or even true for that matter. Often I think about if you miss me, or if you even wish that you never would have cheated... but I always come to the same conclusion which is you don't. Why should you? You have her now, why would I even cross your mind. I have so much to tell you if I could, I never wanted any of this to happen especially between us. Lately I feel so blind, how could I have ignored the signs you gave me?... I just for once thought that I could have a happy ending. I was wrong, I think I am going to always love you... unfortunately it is fading. Just how it was unfortunate to have me like you said that one time. Honestly, I don't think you ever did like me, and of course I had to go falling madly in love with you. I am moving on now, it is slow and painful but I can't keep living in the shadows of what you and we used to be, it's time I step out into the light no matter how bright and blinding.
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18-21, F
May 17, 2012