Fallin Hard With Nothing To Stop Me

My Best friend and I have been friends since we were freshman in high school. I first me A. on the school bus on the way to school. we didn't live far from each other so he was always there. I am not one of those shy people so when I see someone sitting alone like i did with A. I always want to meet them. after awhile A. and me and my friends would hang out and talk. things were great. I actually do not know the moment that I fell in love with my best friend, maybe it was the million moment or the times we shared that were just between him and me but I do know that when I left I thought that nothing would ever be between us other than what it was. Everyone always said how cute we looked or always thought we were together even though we weren't. One night A. texted me and told me he had a baby. I just about lost it. i yelled at him and was crying, it was then that I realized that I loved him. After my grandma passed away I moved back home and A. and I went into the same old routine. It was almost like I had never left (maybe all those hours on the telephone paid off after all lol). Now we are sleeping together and it gets pretty intense, more so then it was before. I still don't know how he feels about me other than he sees me as his best friend as well. I am more in love with this man then anyone will ever know but I don't want to lose him by confessing my love. For me I would rather have him somewhere in my life then nowhere at all. I guess we will just see how it goes.
alishapolley alishapolley
May 23, 2012