Has Been For 25 Years

I did I fell in love hard with my best friend 25 years ago, and we were married 23 years ago. She still is my best friend and soul mate ! I love her now more than the first day we went out on a date. She is my whole world and the reason I have changed the bad things in my life. I will never do anything to hurt her and her I. We are the peices that fill each other. I have no secrets between her and I, if you love someone you have no reason to hide anything. I was not a perfect person before and I am not now but I am expotentionally better than I was before and she saw that in me when I did not. For all those reasons and so many more I do love her with all my heart. Love ya Honey.        
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I know for certain she does Thanks

A lovely tribute to your wife. I am sure she loves you just as much.