I'm Don't Get The Point Of Life

I don't know what I'm doing, but no one else will help me, I can't talk to anyone. So here it goes.

It all started a year ago I was an 8th grader and was the laughing stock of the school. I saw one day at her locker and she was I beautiful, I didn't know her at all. It turned out she was a year younger. Anyways, I just talked to her one day during a volleyball game and we started to like each other a lot. At that game she getting made fun of and I stood up for her. Then everyone just laughed at me and said we were dating, she was so sad she was crying so I stood there and comferted her til it was over. We became friends and talked all the time. A year later is the next part of this story. I'm just hanging around waiting for pepband to start and she offers to take me over to her house I've never been to while she was waiting. Her friend tagged along and we went. It was like a lot of girls rooms Liam from one direction all over the wall. We were all talking for A while and then the subject of crushes came out from nowhere. Her friend said hers then she made one up because she was embarrassed when it came to me I wouldn't tell her at all because her friend was in there. She was mad but I think she guessed it was her. We got to the football game and we were just hanging out and finally we were alone. I couldn't take it anymore, I told her the crush was her and she told me she guessed it was. After that we just stopped talking and I don't want to lose her as my best friend before it is to late.
Kotey22 Kotey22
13-15, M
Sep 10, 2012