Fell In Love My Best Friend

im in love with my best friend and i told her. at first she said that she really wanted to give me a chance, but then she started changing her mind and eventually had to turn me down. she told me i should try to find someone else but i cant even try, no else seems right for me. she used the analogy of my being her hands when i want to be her wings. (she wants me to just be friend with her but i want more) she said she cant change me from her hands to her wings. she can put feathers on me, but i wont fly, she can try surgery, but she didn't go to medical school. i dont know what to do. but i jsut really really want to be with her. one more thing is that she is 17 and im 15, even though its not that big of a deal, she still kindof thinks of me as her little brother, and she cant do anything about it. i just need a way to get her back on my side.
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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

It seems as if she she just really want to stay friends. At least she was open minded and tried giving you a chance but what can you do? You can't change the way she feels for you. I understand that she is your bestfriend but try to distance yourself from her for a little while so you can move on. It may hurt and seem like a hard thing to do, but at least you know you tried. There's a reason for everything and maybe things didn't work out with her because there's someone out there thats absolutely perfect for you. Good luck.