Just Can't Stop Loving You :)

It was the first day of our freshmen year at high school. I stood there in the hall way with my friends when I saw a boy .. tall .. dark and obviously handsome passing by me ... that very moment I knew we have some connection between us. My heartbeats paused. It was love at first sight. I never spoke to him .... but quietly always dreamed about him ... about he and me together ... about us ... but back then I didn't realise it was love. I tagged it CRUSH. Everyday I used to stare blankly at him and secretly smile ... 'cause I'm so idiot.
One day one of my friend gave me his number and asked me to talk with him .... I too shy to do that at first refused but later I sent him a text ... He replied. After that day we text day and night .... talk on phone for hours and hours late at night .... talk every possible thing we can on earth. Very soon I realised I was deeply in love with him unaware about how he feels about me. I used to cry whenever he doesn't text me ... I used to miss him ... and one day he gave me a surprise. He said that he has a girlfriend. This totally broke me down ... all my dreams just shattered ....I cried like a naked baby on a cold floor. I said I'll never contact him againn ... but my heart just couldn't accept it. He came to know about my feelings and said that he loves me as his BESTFRIEND. This somewhat gave me comfort but I could never stop loving him. After few months he broke up with his girlfriend .... and somewhere I felt happy that he'll come to me now but you cannot force someone to fall in love with you. I helped him to get him out of his grief. Aftter that I gave up all my tries to make him mine and our friendship bloomed again. we again started to chat all day all night on phone ... and may be I'm back in love with him. Yes I love him still and I can say it with that confidence because its been FIVE years now and no other man could steal my heart ... 'cause my heart is steal with him and I'm still waiting for him.
I love you justtt soooo much, Ryan <3
rituparnaboruah10 rituparnaboruah10
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012