Not Quite In Love, But Evrything Still Got Screwed Up.

i went go a private school from 2nd untill 8th grade. needless to say when i got to high school i was a little disconnected from the real world. i had been on the swim team since i was little, that was really the only contact i had with non-private-schoolers. michaela had been on the swim team too for as long as i can remember. weve laughed and had a good time ever summer for years. the summer between 8th and freshman she didnt swim because she had become a cheer leader. when i got to high school i felt like an outcast, i didnt know anyone and i didnt know how to make friends. but michaela and her older sister chelsea (see one of my other stories) became my 2 best friends. i kinda like chels at first but gave up quickly because i knew I never have a chance and didnt want to ruin our friendship anyway. it quickly became apparent that michaela liked me but i took the same approach with her. we just got along so well, i didnt want to ruin it. we laughed, we talked, and we argued about the stupidest things (we have a running tally going, she thinks shes winning, lawl). after several months and many dead ends for me i finally came around and decided to give her a chance. it didnt work out at all, and i ended up single and missing my best friend. she had fallen for someone else, someone who didnt ignore her liking him like i had, he was beter for her. but i still wanted her back, i made it through the next several months and had finally gotten over her. her new interest had moved so we were both single and missing each other. then i was in a bad rollover car accident. she wrote me one of the sweetest letters i have ever received. at first we decided to just be friends again, but again we went for it. it ended badly again. again i was single and without a best friend. shortly after me and my current girlfriend rachel started talking, then we were dating. while my more than friend feeling for michaela had all but dissapeared i still missed having her as my best friend. i didnt know how she felt about me and if we would ever be friends again. at school everything seemed fine, but i was scared of what might happen outside of school. just the other night we talked untill 2 in the morning, on a school night. we talked about everything that had happened and how we felt. i have her as a best friend again. i hope we can stay best friends this time, i think we will.
knirbb knirbb
18-21, M
Dec 4, 2012