I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

So my best friend is a guy, yep you guessed it: I fell for him and fell hard! It doesn't help that he is too young, too sexy and loves me too much. We had a fight and I yelled at him "How do you not get that I'm in love with you" *sigh* me and my big mouth. Now everything sucks and is weird, one day it's amazing and filled with the usual laughter and chats the next it's silent and frustrating. Help! How do I stop being jealous of him talking to other girls? And How do I "take it back"???? All I want is my best friend back
BrokenTomBoy BrokenTomBoy
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Lol 3 years on and nothing has changed, I still love him and we will never be together, still best friends still forever apart

Thank you so much for the advice I need it :) We had "that discussion" yesterday. I know his opinion (even though I don't like it, I know I am not ready and he is not willing) He went home and we were both happy. This morning he was different, he was his usual grumpy man in the morning lol but there was something playing on his mind. He then began to tell me about the girls, yep multiple, who propersitioned him yesterday and then preseeded to text them a minute after we had just finished our lunch. I pretended not to care but then he made a comment about how my old job was looking for staff, I quit that job because of him but that's a whole new story ;)) anyhooo lol. I got upset and wouldn't discuss why so he got angry and left now he refuses to speak to me.

Talk to him and open your heart to him. It is better to open up than suppressing emotions and feeling agony.
Only few hours ago, I said sorry to my friend because I shouted on him though he did something wrong but shouting is also wrong so I accepted and confessed. We have started talking again. Few minutes ago I borrowed his jacket :D

Believe me, just open up. He will truly appreciate it and your friendship will become more stronger than before. :)